Planning On a Holiday? How to Protect Your Property Sale

Are you in the process of selling your property but have decided to take advantage of the warm weather and escape for a little while whilst everything is taking its time? We cannot blame you after such a turbulent year.

Unfortunately, when it comes to taking that break, there is also the worry of your home being safe whilst you are away. With all of your possessions still in the property whilst you are enjoying a relaxing break, there is a risk of potential burglars and opportunistic thieves invading the property not just to steal your belongings, but also to cause considerable damage to the property at the same time.

Failure to Check

According to insurance companies, two-fifths of homeowners fail to check on their doors and windows to ensure they are locked and secured before they jet off on their holidays. You must remember to double-check all windows, doors, garages and outbuildings – and remove all keys.

Before you travel and whilst you are away, be aware that countdown tracers and holiday photos on your social media will highlight the fact that you are away. Many people in the local area will openly discuss that you are away, which will result in an extended knowledge around town that your home is empty and rich for plundering from opportunists.

Ask a friend or relative to keep an eye on your home whilst you are away – such as a trusted neighbour or local family member. They will be able to keep your post, check on the property and ensure that internal problems are prevented for your return home.

Leave the Impression

Do not leave a key under a mat or plant pot for your neighbour to check on the house, as it is a well-overused device that thieves will check on before anything else. You can also make your property look occupied by using timed light switches and asking your neighbour if they would park their car on your drive to give the impression someone is home.

Before you go on holiday, take the time to cut your overgrown grass and borders, as well as put away any garden items that would highlight the fact that no one is home. Having a burglar alarm and security lights are a surefire way to ward off any unwanted intruders. If you do not have any installed, take an investment in safety and have some installed by a local security firm.

Talk With Your Agent

If your property is on the market with estate agents Stockport, be sure that your agent knows that you are away and they will add to the security by checking on the property for safety and leaks.

Contact the team at Joues estate agents for buying property advice and how to sell a house, and feel secure that your property is safe.

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Saving Money on Your Next Move

Money! Money! Money! It’s certainly not fun living in the rich man’s world in 2023. As more and more of us put things on the backburner hoping that the situation will improve in the UK, we are all looking for money-saving exercises to get us through.

If you think that would not apply to the housing market, you would be wrong. There are ways to apply saving money whilst moving to a new home also. Make no mistake about it, upscaling or downsizing is a hugely significant purchase – but there are still ways to save some of that all-important moolah on your house move.

At Joules estate agents Stockport, we like to help our clients as much as possible – and that includes advising on how to save a few quid here and there during the process.

Chuck That Clutter

When you are calculating those moving costs – how many of you are paying extra money to move items into your new home that you don’t even want or need? That number is surprisingly high with most clients throughout the year.

It makes good financial sense to conduct a thorough decluttering and toss out the old, unwanted stuff before booking your removal company. With less clutter, you are saving money on packing boxes, saving time on loading up and reducing the number of times a removal company has to make trips or the fuel in your car/van.

If you are putting items into storage, having fewer boxes will help to reduce your expenses as you will undoubtedly be able to have a smaller unit. Some of those unwanted items may be of value to other people also, so you could do some selling and make some money on top.

Book the Right Removals Team Early

Comparing the right pricing between local removal firms is essential, so you need to get multiple quotes whilst also taking the time to read their reviews. It is no good getting a cheap man with a van if they have a track record of damaging valuable goods in transit.

The earlier you tend to book most removal firms, the better – especially if you are planning to move during peak seasons or around a bank holiday. Booking early may save you significant funds whilst also getting the desired firm. You should also enquire if the company does certain discounts which may count towards you.

Some removal firms offer discounts towards armed forces, essential key workers, students or OAPs. don’t be afraid to ask if you don’t see anything on their website or Facebook page.

Talk With Your Agent

An independent estate agent will be there for more than you wanting to buy property in Stockport or looking into how to sell a house – they will have considerable relationships with local businesses that can help to save you money on your move.

Contact the team at Joules estate agents today for help and advice on saving money on your move along with buying property advice.

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Downsize-Upsize-Right Size: What You Need for 2023

It’s a nice house. It has served you and your family well, but there is the underlying feeling that it does not serve its purpose anymore. You have outgrown it, or it feels too much space for you now.

If there are rooms that you have no use for anymore, the feeling you may be having is one of downsizing. Perhaps it is the opposite – you now need more room for an impending child or an in-house office for working from home. These are big factors in the decision to move into what feels just right.

Where You Stand

UK Finance published a report that detailed people tend to stay in a home for an average of 20 years. The reason is that selling their home and buying another takes considerable time, money and effort.

Before the wheels are in motion, think about what your next ten years would look like and how your needs would be met. The clearest you are about what you want and need from your next home will make it easier to narrow down the options. Let’s talk about some considerations as you move up or down the property ladder.

Moving On Up

If you need a larger home space and feel ready for the change, you have a pretty open book when it comes down to your options. Plenty of homes that come up for sale will have that space required, but you still need to ensure it is the right home in other areas.

When you move for a specific reason, you need to lead with your head over your heart. A home may have an amazing-looking kitchen and a fantastic view, but you should not let that affect your initial desire for the square footage needed. Otherwise, you will find yourself needing to move again once the aura has worn off.

An estate agent Stockport is perfect help in this area by taking the time ahead of the search to factor in why you are moving and the number of rooms you need, meeting all minimum requirements so that what you are tempted by already fits into the established needs.


Maybe your larger space home served its purpose back in the day, but today those activities have come to an end and you are left with dead, unimaginative space.

You may need to move for work-related or lifestyle reasons, or you just feel that your needs are smaller after all these years. It is important to think about downsizing as a last move, planning and making a wishlist of what you want throughout your life – and if a smaller home can contain that. Downsizing can be an incredibly tricky step to make. With many people looking to move up the property size ladder, downsizing can be a huge benefit to selling your home to people looking to buy property in Stockport.

Whatever your plan in buying property advice or looking into how to sell a house, talk with the team at Joules estate agents today.

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Finding a new home

Is the Seasonal Change Affecting Your Home Love?

Spring is fully in flow and the lighter evenings and more colourful natural surroundings are with us again. That signals the start of the reliable seasonal changes that we begin to make ourselves within our own lives. When that time of year rolls around, we feel refreshed and in the mood for change. The long, dark and dreary winter blues are replaced with a warm and cosy love for our homes – unless you have reached the end of your loving relationship with your surroundings. Has the space you have outgrown its usefulness? Is it time for a change of scenery or simply time for finding a new home and move to somewhere more prosperous?

If you are feeling that your current home is no longer the one, here are the signs that you are no longer loving the space you occupy.

Your Family is Ready to Move On

Your home will no doubt have countless memories and stories that have made it so special. However, there are many other opportunities to make more memories elsewhere. As you get older and your family grows up around you, your home peaks and then diminishes.

What that means is at one time your home was large and now feels too small – or the opposite case of how your home feels too large for those still occupying it. One of the most common feelings comes when your children are moving out for their property and independence. Suddenly, your home feels too spacious with an empty bedroom and fewer people around the house. It happens to us all, but that does not mean that your space would not be a huge benefit for those young couples looking to buy property in Stockport.

No Inclination to Redecorate

Becoming uninspired in your surroundings and not feeling the urgency or will to re-decorate to make it more appealing is a telling sign that the home no longer satisfies you. It can just as much affect your mental well-being to be stuck in a place that does not make you happy.

The urge to change is fueled by the feeling to feel truly content. If you feel that the property will not do anything for you enough to undertake that change, it may well be time to look at how to sell a house and move on. Lack of motivation to fix up your surroundings is a big tell-tale sign of disconnection from your property – and a need to find something more suitable and comforting.

Time to Seek Advice

Finding a new property to call home does not reflect badly on your existing property – it just means you want new memories in a new environment. You still get to keep all of the exciting ones.

If you are starting to feel that there are better ways to feel at home, talk with the team at Joules estate agents Stockport for buying property advice that makes you fall in love with home all over again.

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offer acceptance

What is Next Following An Offer Acceptance?

The home of your dreams has been discovered and your offer to buy property in Stockport has been accepted. Congratulations! You are finally on the final stretch to owning your new home and enjoying your piece of property moving forward. Once receiving an offer acceptance, you may suddenly find yourself asking the question “Well… what happens now?” well fear not, here are some immediate things you need to do when submitting and following your offer being accepted.


Once the offer has been accepted, you will receive a congratulatory call that confirms your offer amount and terms are fully agreed upon. Before agents submit your offer, there are some items needed to qualify it.

To support your offer, you need to provide your proof of deposit, your mortgage in principle or proof of sale, proof of identification and that you have a solicitor.

Solicitor Instruction

There is no better time to get things moving than after your offer has been accepted. For quicker sales, you will want to instruct your solicitor as soon as you can. If you do not have a solicitor for this, you can ask estate agents Stockport to recommend a solid and reliable one.s

The solicitor will begin completing all checks and searches on the property. Depending on the solicitor, they may ask for payment up-front for some of their services, so it is best to find out about these charges before employing one for this task and be sure that you are happy with the rates they charge.

Mortgage Application

Since a mortgage in principle is indeed a principle agreement, you will need to complete a full application for the money now that the offer has been accepted.

You will need to apply for the exact amount that you require to borrow for the property in question. If you have a mortgage adviser, they will guide you through the process and let you know exactly what information you need to supply.

Arrange a Survey

If you are getting a mortgage, the lender will require a valuation and possibly a survey. Whilst surveys are not compulsory when you buy a new home, they are still a good thing to have done.  When conducting a survey, a professional surveyor will fully inspect the property and provide an overview of the property.

Surveys help you to understand any current or future issues that you may have with the property, and can be arranged through your estate agent Stockport to book a time suitable for the sellers.

Contact the team at Joules estate agents for buying property advice and advice on how to sell a house today.

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renting vs buying

Renting vs. Buying: The 2023 Forecast

Mortgage costs rising and households with the increasing cost of living pressure – the question facing whether to buy property in Stockport or rent is becoming one of the most relevant topics for the average prospective homebuyer. So lets talk renting vs buying….

Ponder the Outcomes

Property prices have seen a surge in the 2020s that resulted in average house prices now being 25% higher than five years prior. However, the shortfall in the rental properties and high tenant demand has been even higher, with the rental price increase of 30% in the same period.

Although mortgage interest rates have risen over the past 6 months, there are still lots of mortgage deals if you have a minimum 5% deposit. With house price inflation forecast to stabilise, is now the best time to rent or buy?

Should I Buy or Should I Rent?

If you look at the upfront costs, it is undoubtedly cheaper to seek advice on renting a house. Deposits have been capped at 5 weeks’ rent since June 2019 and you only need to pay the equivalent of 1 week’s rent to reserve a property.

Buyers have much higher costs which, in addition to finding the 5% deposit which is in the average region of £7,500, you will also have survey and solicitor costs that add up to over £1k. Stamp duty may also factor into the equation. First-time buyers are exempt from this provided they are not purchasing a home over £425,000.

The longer-term benefit of buying property in Stockport is that your mortgage payments gradually build up equity. Those who would have bought their home 5-10 years ago would substantially be better off than if they had gone for renting a property.

Pros and Cons

The pros in renting can be summed up in that the tenants can move within relatively short notice, have lower upfront costs and can rent a home in an area where it otherwise would be out of the question to buy in the price range. The landlords are also responsible for repairs and maintenance, building insurance and any service repair charges.

The cons are that you will not build any equity as you are effectively paying your landlord’s mortgage and not your own, and there is less security as your landlord can raise your rent or request that you leave the property when your lease is up.

The pro in buying property is that you can build equity as you pay your mortgage and there is an opportunity to benefit from rising house prices over time. You also have a lot more freedom in improving your property and altering your living space as you wish.

A con in buying is that there is the risk of negative equity if house prices fall, you have higher upfront costs and less flexibility to move if your circumstances change. You are also responsible for any maintenance required.

For 2023, your decision to either buy or rent comes down to your circumstances, lifestyle and long-term plans. For help finding a solution, call the team at Joules estate agents Stockport for help in finding a property.

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