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Making Your Rented Property Feel Like Your Home

The rental market is doing incredible in 2023 and looks set to continue for the rest of the year. If you are looking at the rental market as a short-term option, you may have restrictions on what you can do with the property during your lease.

Knocking down walls to extend a room will come with plenty of resistance from your landlord, or a new kitchen installed or drilling holes into a wall could be problematic. However, that does not mean that it can’t be made to feel like it is your home.

There are many ways to personalise a rented property to make it feel like a home. Let’s consider some.

Understanding the Boundaries

Before you plan a large-scale decoration mission, it is best to consult with your landlord on what changes you want to implement and what you are permitted to do with their property.

Even as little a task as repainting a wall may not be something a landlord wants, as many want the property to be in the state of lease to you. Naturally, they may not want to repaint the property when you leave. If you decide on painting your new home, use neutral colours that will be easy to paint over. You don’t want any colours that will give your landlord a headache later.

Surround Yourself With You

It may sound obvious – but surrounding yourself with a personal touch in a rented property makes a big difference. There is no point in living with 80% of your stuff in a box ready for when you buy property in Stockport.

Placing your family photos, gifts from friends and items that make it feel like your property turns the empty spaces into something that is yours alone. That should pertain to every room – from the kitchen to the bathroom.

Get Creative

If you cannot paint your walls, why not improvise and decorate your walls with something that doesn’t leave a permanent effect?

These can be novelty wall decals that bring colour and warmth to your new property and provide no damage when removed. Homeowners love decals, like tree and mosaic patterns, that stick to the wall and leave no mark or residue. These are ideal for rental properties to provide your personality over the existing design and not ruffling your landlord’s feathers.

When seeking advice on renting a house, the best question is how much you can make your house. When talking with estate agents in Stockport, be sure to ask critical questions about the landlord’s expectations of the tenants and the allowances for alterations to the property.

Contact the team at Joules independent estate agents Stockport for buying property advice and advice on renting a house in the area.

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The Best Perks in Working with an Estate Agent

The one benefit people believe they are receiving when they look to work with an estate agent Stockport is that they are purely selling their home to people who want to buy property in Stockport. Whilst the primary focus of an estate agency is indeed on how to sell a house, there are even more benefits you get working with an independent agency, specialised in selling your home as the game plan. Allow the team at Joules Estate Agents to better inform you of the benefits of working with an agent.

An Unemotional Process

When you step into selling your home, there are many waves of emotional conflict where your feelings about the home dictate the movement you make in making sales. Hiring an agent removes that emotional element from the transaction.

When separating this personal element, you eliminate the risk of making personal mistakes – such as overpricing your property or declining an offer that you personally feel as insulting. It also stops you from giving in to pressures in closing a deal when the clock is against you. An agent can follow up without giving the sense of desperation that you would have, and you also won’t have to take the buyer’s agent’s word if their client is not interested in your home – your agent can take that onboard instead.

Full-Time Commitment

It may be your home but not your full-time job selling it. That is the big difference when working with an estate agency – it is their full-time job. Are you in a position where you can leave work should a buyer be interested in viewing your property?

An estate agency acts on every interest on your home to get the sale. If you were doing it yourself, your life would be turned upside down for months on end trying to meet a demand buyers have around their timeframe – not yours. An agency can even provide lockbox services on your front door so that – should you be away on holiday or working – viewings can still go ahead without you having to cancel or travel back.

Larger Networks

No matter how hard you advertise, there will be little chance of your home for sale spreading to larger areas and people looking to buy property. Selling your home a lot of the time takes access to a wider variety of networks.

If your house spends too long on the market and does not attract buyers, you may sell for much less than it is worth – just because you didn’t get wide enough coverage. Estate agents have a full and extensive list of contacts to help spread the word of the latest available property for viewing and a quickfire email through their contact lists is sure to bring the right people to your home.

More importantly, estate agents Stockport can weed out the serious buyers from the timewasters, ensuring that the people coming to your home are looking to put their money down on a home. They are also equipped with the negotiation skills required to get the process past the finish line and sell your home.

Selling your home will be one of the bigger life transactions you will make, so you must have the right people helping you make it stressless. Contact the friendly team at Joules estate agents today for the great deals on your house and benefits of working with an agent.

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Best Results Through an Estate Agency Partner

Picking an estate agency to work with you in selling your home to people looking to buy property in Stockport is no easy task. Whilst the main bulk of the workload will fall onto the agent in keeping the sale on track, there are still some things that you can do to help achieve the very best results.

Once you have found an ideal partner in an estate agent’s Stockport, you understand you are joined at the hip as a tag team. You are both motivated to get the very best on a sale, so stay aligned in all areas in what you both look to achieve.

Here are some helpful pointers from your first meeting to obtaining the right offer alongside your estate agent partner.

Be Clear and Stay Updated

Before anything else, take the time to align with your agent on expectations from the outset. Use this start to ask all questions and iron everything out, including indication of how quickly you want to move.

That can be on a specific timeframe or if you can hold out a little for the right buyer. That plays a great benefit to your agency in organising and prioritising around your requirements.

Working with your agent requires communication between both of you in close contact. Having your agent understand how you want updating on the progress should fall in every 7 to 10 days, with any pressing post-viewing discussions occurring a couple of days later to gauge buyer feedback.

Feedback and Marketing Strategy

Potential buyers will be honest and forthcoming with opinions on your property viewing. Whilst this is great for positive feedback, expect some criticisms.

Don’t be disheartened – instead, let your agency know that you are open to all feedback so it can be advantageous. Negative feedback may show common themes that will benefit you, such as a need to change the decor or some areas that need additional touch-ups to be appealing. Making those recommended changes makes all the difference.

Work alongside your agent in how you want your home advertised to potential buyers. Getting answers about success rates of portals, advertising and putting a sign on your lawn will help you to hone in on the most successful avenues.

Showcase and Be Flexible

Alongside marketing, showcase your property with the best possible images. Before the photographer shows up, declutter your home thoroughly, remove the bins and cars from the driveway and switch your lighting for something more ambient and appealing.

The more viewings your agent can book in, the more offers you are likely to receive, so make a point to be flexible for weekend viewings. That is when couples are more likely to be together and not working separately, while also giving them time over a second weekend day to talk-over the potential of your property before the regular working week takes up their time.

Do you want to talk more with estate agents Stockport on how to sell a house to those seeking to buy property advice? Contact the friendly Joules team today.

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Setting the Correct Asking Price

You ask anyone who has recently gone through the process of how to sell a house. They will tell you straight – selling your property is one of the most complex and time-consuming periods of your life.

They will also highlight the importance of setting the correct asking price. The reason is that it is crucial in ensuring your sale is successful. Today, let’s look into why setting the right asking price is of utmost importance and how exactly you determine the best price for your home for people looking to buy property in Stockport.

The Importance of the Asking Price

The asking price is the first thing potential buyers look at when searching for a property. The right asking price has the most significant impact on their interest in putting in the offer.

When your asking price is too high, buyers will be instantly discouraged as it will not meet their budget. That means they look elsewhere for property more within their expected price range. On the other hand, if you set your asking price too low, you stand the chance of leaving money on the table.

The asking price is the starting point of negotiation, so you need to figure out exactly what price is fair and reasonable for your ideal buyer.

Determining Factors

Determining the correct asking price for your property is going to be challenging, but, as any estate agents Stockport will advise you – there are several factors to consider to gain the best return on your investment.

The property market can fluctuate (as we have seen over the last few years), and it is essential to keep that knowledge of changes heavily at the forefront of all decisions in setting the asking price. The current property demand in your area – and the available supply of homes within it – can seriously impact the price that most buyers are willing to pay.

The condition of your property is also something that will significantly impact its value. If your property is in a well-maintained state with a fresh design – complete with the most modern features and updates – it is much more likely to fetch those higher prices over properties that require a certain amount of repairs or renovations.

Around the Area

The location of your property is going to be among the highest factors for determining the right asking price. Properties located in desirable areas, such as ones close to schools, shopping outlets and transportation links are the homes that fetch the best prices due to convenience.

Researching similar properties that have been recently sold in the same vicinity can help you to gain a better understanding of what buyers would pay to secure a property in the area. The best way to go about this is by working with a local estate agent that has all the information on the value of the area and what people are willing to negotiate around.

Stuck with an asking price dilemma? Talk to our team at Joules Estate Agents today for up-to-date buying property advice and sales.

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Planning On a Holiday? How to Protect Your Property Sale

Are you in the process of selling your property but have decided to take advantage of the warm weather and escape for a little while whilst everything is taking its time? We cannot blame you after such a turbulent year.

Unfortunately, when it comes to taking that break, there is also the worry of your home being safe whilst you are away. With all of your possessions still in the property whilst you are enjoying a relaxing break, there is a risk of potential burglars and opportunistic thieves invading the property not just to steal your belongings, but also to cause considerable damage to the property at the same time.

Failure to Check

According to insurance companies, two-fifths of homeowners fail to check on their doors and windows to ensure they are locked and secured before they jet off on their holidays. You must remember to double-check all windows, doors, garages and outbuildings – and remove all keys.

Before you travel and whilst you are away, be aware that countdown tracers and holiday photos on your social media will highlight the fact that you are away. Many people in the local area will openly discuss that you are away, which will result in an extended knowledge around town that your home is empty and rich for plundering from opportunists.

Ask a friend or relative to keep an eye on your home whilst you are away – such as a trusted neighbour or local family member. They will be able to keep your post, check on the property and ensure that internal problems are prevented for your return home.

Leave the Impression

Do not leave a key under a mat or plant pot for your neighbour to check on the house, as it is a well-overused device that thieves will check on before anything else. You can also make your property look occupied by using timed light switches and asking your neighbour if they would park their car on your drive to give the impression someone is home.

Before you go on holiday, take the time to cut your overgrown grass and borders, as well as put away any garden items that would highlight the fact that no one is home. Having a burglar alarm and security lights are a surefire way to ward off any unwanted intruders. If you do not have any installed, take an investment in safety and have some installed by a local security firm.

Talk With Your Agent

If your property is on the market with estate agents Stockport, be sure that your agent knows that you are away and they will add to the security by checking on the property for safety and leaks.

Contact the team at Joues estate agents for buying property advice and how to sell a house, and feel secure that your property is safe.

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Saving Money on Your Next Move

Money! Money! Money! It’s certainly not fun living in the rich man’s world in 2023. As more and more of us put things on the backburner hoping that the situation will improve in the UK, we are all looking for money-saving exercises to get us through.

If you think that would not apply to the housing market, you would be wrong. There are ways to apply saving money whilst moving to a new home also. Make no mistake about it, upscaling or downsizing is a hugely significant purchase – but there are still ways to save some of that all-important moolah on your house move.

At Joules estate agents Stockport, we like to help our clients as much as possible – and that includes advising on how to save a few quid here and there during the process.

Chuck That Clutter

When you are calculating those moving costs – how many of you are paying extra money to move items into your new home that you don’t even want or need? That number is surprisingly high with most clients throughout the year.

It makes good financial sense to conduct a thorough decluttering and toss out the old, unwanted stuff before booking your removal company. With less clutter, you are saving money on packing boxes, saving time on loading up and reducing the number of times a removal company has to make trips or the fuel in your car/van.

If you are putting items into storage, having fewer boxes will help to reduce your expenses as you will undoubtedly be able to have a smaller unit. Some of those unwanted items may be of value to other people also, so you could do some selling and make some money on top.

Book the Right Removals Team Early

Comparing the right pricing between local removal firms is essential, so you need to get multiple quotes whilst also taking the time to read their reviews. It is no good getting a cheap man with a van if they have a track record of damaging valuable goods in transit.

The earlier you tend to book most removal firms, the better – especially if you are planning to move during peak seasons or around a bank holiday. Booking early may save you significant funds whilst also getting the desired firm. You should also enquire if the company does certain discounts which may count towards you.

Some removal firms offer discounts towards armed forces, essential key workers, students or OAPs. don’t be afraid to ask if you don’t see anything on their website or Facebook page.

Talk With Your Agent

An independent estate agent will be there for more than you wanting to buy property in Stockport or looking into how to sell a house – they will have considerable relationships with local businesses that can help to save you money on your move.

Contact the team at Joules estate agents today for help and advice on saving money on your move along with buying property advice.

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