selling your home for the first time

Selling Your Home For the First Time? Here Are Some Pointers

If you are currently considering selling your home for the first time, we understand how it can be a very daunting experience being your first time. Understanding the housing market and how it operates takes a lot of research in figuring out how to sell a house, and that is before you think about making it appealing to those looking to buy property in Stockport.

We can tell you straight away how important it is to have a plan when you are ready to sell. A little bit of preparation with your estate agents Stockport will prepare you for successfully selling your home.

Know What You Want

The first step is always giving a lot of upfront thought about what you want to get from selling your home. You have to give a lot of serious consideration to before you even look at selling it.

In our experience, many first-time sellers are unsure how much their house is worth or could be worth. That is why it is essential to work with a reputable independent estate agency with a track record of selling homes within the area. A more localised estate agency will know what people seeking buying property advice are comfortable paying and what they look for in a house.

Once you have a price range decided upon, you also need a good understanding of the market value of your property. Our estate agent team can help you determine all aspects of this and advise on lowering your asking price or not in order to meet the values of the area.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask the Hard Questions

The best tool you can have when looking to sell your first property is knowledge, which is why undertaking independent market research is always a step to take.

Having knowledge on how the markets are performing helps you construct your questions when talking with agents, lawyers and potential buyers. If you look to sell your home quickly, you may not have time to get out the current market value of your property, but you should always take a little time to learn more about the local housing market so that you know you are making informed decisions about the pricing of your home.

Create Strategy

With all the research and the help of estate agents Stockport, you can plan how to promote your property. The professional help from your independent estate agents will become even more valuable during this period as they will know every effective method to get your home in front of interested buyers occupying the market.

If the time has come to sell your home, call the friendly team at Joules Estate Agents today to ensure that selling your home for the first time is a smooth and professional process.

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Who do you need to inform when you move house

Moving Into a New Property: Who Needs Informing?

Who do you need to inform when you move house? This is a fair question when you transfer from one home to the other. With so many emotions and tasks – from moving your life from one place to the next, disposing of all cluttered items and working back and forth with your estate agents Stockport to ensure a smooth process

– it certainly can be hectic.

With a long list of tasks to sort through, organise and delegate, it can be easy to forget the little things that can become a big problem later. One of the most important tasks is ensuring you have notified the right people and organisations about the change of address.

Most of the time it can result in an entirely separate list of tasks for you, but the team at Joules aims to make that a little bit easier by providing a little checklist below of who you should prioritise about your exciting new move.

The First Five

Your family will likely be the first to know about your move, but you should also include your extended family and friends in this bracket. You can save a lot of time by sending a quick email and letting friends know through a social media post. Some people go a little bit further and send out change-of-address cards.

You will have to class your employer as a priority in the move so that records are updated with your new address to send crucial documents, such as payslips and P60s. You will also have to notify HMRC for your tax records, which can be done via your Government Gateway account. If you receive benefits, pensions or allowances, the DWP will need to know your address change straight-away.

You must inform your local council to ensure you are registered for council tax at your new address. Be sure to update that electoral roll detail so you can continue voting. Be sure to inform your children’s schools and childcare providers so that they have up-to-date information in case of emergencies.


Next on your checklist would be your gas, electricity and water suppliers. You should have your final meter readings ready and arrange for any transfers to be setup at your new address.

Along with these providers, you must inform all phone, mobile, broadband and TV providers, even if you are terminating their services. All banks, building societies and credit card providers will need to send your statements and other correspondence to your new address, helping to protect against any identity theft if your mail continues to your old address.

Gather up all of your car, home, contents, life, medical and pet insurance providers and make sure each one of them is aware of your new address. That is crucial as your premiums may change depending on your new home’s location and property type. One that many forget to change addresses with is their local GP, dentist, vet (and pet microchip provider) or optician. If you are moving to a new area, you may have to switch to a more local professional, and the transfer of records can be done without any fuss when you have one.

The Additionals

Most of these may seem like common sense and would fall into an easy list to remember, but more are generally forgotten until after the move.

The DVLA for your driving licence and vehicle registration often gets forgotten, along with subscriptions and memberships, online shopping accounts, solicitors and accountants, breakdown and loan providers and the passport office. These are the main types of previous occupant mail that gets handed over to a landlord by a new tenant.

Moving home can be stressful, but keeping this little guide on who to notify will help the process be much smoother when settling into your new home. Contact our helpful team at Joules Estate Agents Stockport today for buying property advice and advice on renting a property.

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rental market boom

The Busy Rental Market: Steps to Secure a Rental Property

We have seen a rental market boom in 2023, with enquiries trebling the numbers of 2019 and competition fierce for the remainder of the year ahead. Whilst it is not a closed door for those wanting to secure a rental property in 2023, we advise that interested renters get a little savvy and act to improve those chances.

Being quicker than others seeking to secure rental property is vital, and the best way to do that is to prepare some stages in advance. In times like this where the rental market is a hotly sought requirement, getting ahead means working with an estate agent Stockport and being prepared to strike whilst the iron is hot.

References and Paperwork Prep

Having everything required to send an application at short notice means you can be ahead of the crowd when applying for new listings. The early bird may catch the worm, but the prepared renter can just as easily get the property.

Paperwork typically encompasses a reference from an employer, a previous landlord and potentially your bank – giving plenty of notion as to who you are, how you treat the rental property and, most importantly, the ability to afford the rent.

Other items would be a valid government-issued passport and driving licence for photo identification and a utility bill from your current address. If you don’t have any of these, you should start contacting them now and inform them of your rental property search and need for their references. All individual tenants will need this documentation, and if you are moving in with a partner, ensure that they also have the same documentation ready.

Be Open

It is never a guarantee that your preferred property will be the one accepted for you. With demand at so high a level, all listings will likely have many applications put forward for them.

When exploring the rental market, be open to expanding your search area and consider rental options that would have commuting expectations. The more properties you show interest towards, the higher your chances of hearing back from them. Do not make the common mistake of becoming too attached to any single property that is hot on the market.

Take time to set up alerts for new listings and increase your chances of being the first person to enquire about a fresh rental property.

Demonstrate Interest

Landlords and estate agents want sensible tenants who pay rent on time and do not cause issues. Being open and eager to impress helps to build a good relationship and keeps you constantly in mind with both parties.

Be punctual. First impressions always matter, so getting off on the right foot helps when the final decisions are being made – or when they have fresh property about to make its way to market.

If you wish for more advice on the rental market boom, renting a house, or information on how to sell a house or buy property in Stockport, contact the team at Joules estate agents Stockport today.

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advertising your property

The Price Is Right: The Magic of Selling Your Property

Future home seller – Come on down! If you are fresh to the property market and looking at how to sell a house, you have eyes on getting the right price as the goal. As estate agents Stockport will tell you, getting the right price is the ultimate reward in your selling journey, and advertising your property at that right price helps you attract the right buyers like moths to a flame.

Let’s talk about why getting the right price matters when advertising to those looking to buy property in Stockport.

Bring On Genuine Buyers

Selling your property at the right price brings out genuine buyers who want your home. When you do some research and work with your estate agent, the eyes of potential buyers focus on a hot deal. If you price too low to gain quick interest, you may have people with no genuine interest taking up prime viewing time.

Also, if you go crazy with your price, you alienate some genuine buyers who will head to the next available property that fits their price range. More people will meet your right price than above or below it, so work smartly on finding that price and take agent advice.

The Time is Money

There is always a ticking clock on the property. If your home sits on the marketplace longer than needed, you may have to adjust the price as the market fluctuates.

Active homebuyers notice when a house is on the market for long periods, and a certain stigma may develop as to why you cannot sell it during a hot market. Accurate pricing will speed up the entire process, attracting the required attention and enquiries and allowing for the right amount of showings. That saves a lot of lost time and does much more to put that SOLD sign outside your door.

Perceived Value

Do you ever wonder why some properties get a lot of attention whilst others get passed over? That all comes down to perceived value

When a property holds the right pricing, it subliminally screams that it is a fantastic deal that deserves people’s attention. Everyone loves a bargain, and if the price is right, the queues can line up around the block to be the first wave of potential buyers through the door.

Wouldn’t you love to be in the middle of a bidding war for your property? Nothing is more satisfying than a group of interested buyers constantly outbidding each other for your property. The way to achieve that is by setting the right pricing from the beginning, allowing those comfortable buyers to feel they can raise the stakes on their bids to bag your home bargain.

Now you understand how the magic comes with setting the right pricing with estate agents Stockport. Contact the team at Joules estate agents to guide you through the pricing game and prepare to showcase your home as the ultimate sale on the market.

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rental market

Making Your Rented Property Feel Like Your Home

The rental market is doing incredible in 2023 and looks set to continue for the rest of the year. If you are looking at the rental market as a short-term option, you may have restrictions on what you can do with the property during your lease.

Knocking down walls to extend a room will come with plenty of resistance from your landlord, or a new kitchen installed or drilling holes into a wall could be problematic. However, that does not mean that it can’t be made to feel like it is your home.

There are many ways to personalise a rented property to make it feel like a home. Let’s consider some.

Understanding the Boundaries

Before you plan a large-scale decoration mission, it is best to consult with your landlord on what changes you want to implement and what you are permitted to do with their property.

Even as little a task as repainting a wall may not be something a landlord wants, as many want the property to be in the state of lease to you. Naturally, they may not want to repaint the property when you leave. If you decide on painting your new home, use neutral colours that will be easy to paint over. You don’t want any colours that will give your landlord a headache later.

Surround Yourself With You

It may sound obvious – but surrounding yourself with a personal touch in a rented property makes a big difference. There is no point in living with 80% of your stuff in a box ready for when you buy property in Stockport.

Placing your family photos, gifts from friends and items that make it feel like your property turns the empty spaces into something that is yours alone. That should pertain to every room – from the kitchen to the bathroom.

Get Creative

If you cannot paint your walls, why not improvise and decorate your walls with something that doesn’t leave a permanent effect?

These can be novelty wall decals that bring colour and warmth to your new property and provide no damage when removed. Homeowners love decals, like tree and mosaic patterns, that stick to the wall and leave no mark or residue. These are ideal for rental properties to provide your personality over the existing design and not ruffling your landlord’s feathers.

When seeking advice on renting a house, the best question is how much you can make your house. When talking with estate agents in Stockport, be sure to ask critical questions about the landlord’s expectations of the tenants and the allowances for alterations to the property.

Contact the team at Joules independent estate agents Stockport for buying property advice and advice on renting a house in the area.

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benefits of working with an agent

The Best Perks in Working with an Estate Agent

The one benefit people believe they are receiving when they look to work with an estate agent Stockport is that they are purely selling their home to people who want to buy property in Stockport. Whilst the primary focus of an estate agency is indeed on how to sell a house, there are even more benefits you get working with an independent agency, specialised in selling your home as the game plan. Allow the team at Joules Estate Agents to better inform you of the benefits of working with an agent.

An Unemotional Process

When you step into selling your home, there are many waves of emotional conflict where your feelings about the home dictate the movement you make in making sales. Hiring an agent removes that emotional element from the transaction.

When separating this personal element, you eliminate the risk of making personal mistakes – such as overpricing your property or declining an offer that you personally feel as insulting. It also stops you from giving in to pressures in closing a deal when the clock is against you. An agent can follow up without giving the sense of desperation that you would have, and you also won’t have to take the buyer’s agent’s word if their client is not interested in your home – your agent can take that onboard instead.

Full-Time Commitment

It may be your home but not your full-time job selling it. That is the big difference when working with an estate agency – it is their full-time job. Are you in a position where you can leave work should a buyer be interested in viewing your property?

An estate agency acts on every interest on your home to get the sale. If you were doing it yourself, your life would be turned upside down for months on end trying to meet a demand buyers have around their timeframe – not yours. An agency can even provide lockbox services on your front door so that – should you be away on holiday or working – viewings can still go ahead without you having to cancel or travel back.

Larger Networks

No matter how hard you advertise, there will be little chance of your home for sale spreading to larger areas and people looking to buy property. Selling your home a lot of the time takes access to a wider variety of networks.

If your house spends too long on the market and does not attract buyers, you may sell for much less than it is worth – just because you didn’t get wide enough coverage. Estate agents have a full and extensive list of contacts to help spread the word of the latest available property for viewing and a quickfire email through their contact lists is sure to bring the right people to your home.

More importantly, estate agents Stockport can weed out the serious buyers from the timewasters, ensuring that the people coming to your home are looking to put their money down on a home. They are also equipped with the negotiation skills required to get the process past the finish line and sell your home.

Selling your home will be one of the bigger life transactions you will make, so you must have the right people helping you make it stressless. Contact the friendly team at Joules estate agents today for the great deals on your house and benefits of working with an agent.

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