Testimonial: S Simpson

We appointed Jane Kirk from Joules Estate Agency to sell my late mothers house in Dane Bank, Denton, Manchester during 2023, a decision I am pleased to say we got right because throughout what was one of the most difficult markets for selling property that we have seen for many years. Joules were fantastic, providing guidance and feedback over a protracted sale period when buyers were fairly scarce on the ground.

Jane was always excellent in communicating with me and provided great insight into how to approach the sale, albeit fully respecting the vendors perspective when securing the buyer. I believe, having helped us to secure a sale, she then went above and beyond in proactively liaising with both ours and the purchasers solicitors to try to ensure that momentum in the sale was maintained and issues addressed.

Joules were also great in accompanying the purchasers in visiting the property on a number of occasions in order to provide them with access to cost their plans for refurbishment and Jane built a strong rapport with them, which helped to create a good degree of pragmatism between the vendors and purchasers, when issues arose during the legal process, which inevitably they do.

The sale completed at the end of February and I have nothing but praise and thanks for the levels of service that we received from Jane and the team at Joules, it was first class.

– S Simpson 

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property maintenance checklist

Keeping Up Appearances: Our Property Maintenance Checklist

As a UK landlord, keeping rental property in its best condition is not a choice – more a crucial obligation. Consistent property maintenance guarantees tenant satisfaction, protects your investment, and prevents costly repair work in the near future. With many people opting to purchase property as a means to let to desperate renters who struggle to buy property in Stockport, Joules Estate Agents Stockport decided to help with a property maintenance checklist to help you adhere to local regulations and best practices, helping to keep your rental property in top condition.

Exterior Considerations

The first image a potential renter will see will be the property exterior. It can look great on the inside all day long, but if it looks a mess on the outside – renters will already have made up their mind that it is not for them or not worth the rent you charge.

Scan your roof, gutters, and siding for any signs of wear and tear, and don’t allow any found issues to linger. Fixing any issues today will save you from any pricey water damage or structural headaches tomorrow. Keep your paths and walkways clear and in excellent condition, including levelling any uneven slabs or decking. It’s no good if your renter trips or falls on their first visit.

Jazz up your property’s curb appeal by trimming all lawns and bushes to a level that boosts the overall value. These small differences are mighty when quality renters are looking for a home.

Maintenance Contracts

A common complaint in rented properties is when heating system breaks down, sometimes resulting in days going by before any engineers are called out and arrive to fix the problem. These are chiefly the most common falling-out points between tenants and landlords.

One way to avoid this is by booking a yearly service and maintenance check-up on all systems. Taps, pipes, and toilets are areas that need the most urgent attention to ensure they are working as they should, with leaks and unexpected disasters leading to costly water bills and repairs. Avoid these by setting up contracts with reputable professionals in plumbing, electricity, and joinery in the area.

Thorough inspections of your electrical systems, outlets, and wiring every year will ensure that your property is safe for tenants and meets the safety standards that keep you out of trouble.

Work With Estate Agents

One of the biggest aces up your sleeve when seeking advice on renting a house is independent estate agents Stockport. At Joules, we provide much more than a property maintenance checklist or avenues on how to sell a house and buying property advice.

Contact our office today for help in buying property to let and begin your landlord journey.

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Going On Holiday Whilst Your House is on the Market: A Safety Guide

If there is one thing the seemingly endless month of January taught us, we all need a holiday away from the cold weather. The Spring season – with impending half-term holidays coming up – has seen many people book quick getaways to sunnier climates.

However, if you currently have your home on the housing market to attract people looking to buy property in Stockport, you may feel uneasy about leaving it vulnerable whilst taking a well-deserved break. Have no fear, the Joules Estate Agents Stockport team is here to help ease your mind with some advice to make you feel more comfortable being away from home whilst it is on the market.

Safe Home Whilst Away

Unfortunately, whether you are moving house or not, a holiday will bring worry about keeping your home and possessions safe from potential burglars or vandals. Unfortunately, sometimes homeowners do not help the situation by being unprepared.

According to insurance company Aviva, two-fifths of people going on holiday fail to check their doors and windows before leaving for the airport. That is an open invitation for any burglar in the area to access your property. Before you get in any taxi to start your trip, fully check all windows, doors, garages, and outbuildings to ensure they are locked – and remove all keys and store them safely or give them to a trusted party.

Don’t Advertise

We know it is exciting to be going on holiday and letting everyone know about it, but putting those holiday countdown trackers and holiday photos on your social media pages is like a walking billboard that your home is accessible with no risk of anyone being at home.

As secure as you feel your social media pages are, not everyone who can see your posts will have the same levels of security – and one unwanted party accessing a friend’s account will give all the information they need that your property is currently unoccupied. It is an eye-opening thought, isn’t it?

Save your snaps until you get back, and feel more secure by having a trusted neighbour move your post and maybe turn on some lights in the evening to dissuade anyone from thinking you may be away.

Don’t Fuel the Thought You Are Away

Take some extra measures to ensure your home looks occupied for the time you are away. That can be doing some gardening and cutting your grass before you leave and asking friends or neighbours to park their cars in your driveway.

If you have external security lights and cameras, make sure they are in full working order before leaving. That will put off most burglars and will at least give you an alert through mobile technology if someone is on your property.

Don’t fret about how to sell a house with a holiday on the cards. Contact the team at Joules estate agents Stockport and have peace of mind that your home is in safe hands.

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moving into a new property

The Ready to Move Home Checklist

Spring is just around the corner, and – for many people – the time for moving into a new property has come. With a busy Christmas and New Year season behind us and the weather beginning to show signs of brighter mornings, there is never a more opportune time to buy property in Stockport and start your move.

However, many forget to plan and leave some of the most important aspects of moving until the very last minute, resulting in a lot of stress for such a happy life occasion.

We all need a little guidance about how to sell a house or buying property advice, but Joules Estate Agents Stockport can also help with some pointers on getting organized for that big move.

Step 1: Plan and Organise

There will be a lot of anticipation in loading everything you have into the back of the removal van and being done with it, but with a little forward thinking of arriving on the other end, you can settle much quicker!

For example, plan your loading of the moving van or car in the order of how you wish to unload. Think about the furthest rooms in the house first as the ones to unload and the closest rooms last, saving you a lot of energy in the unloading process. Be sure to label each box so they can be packed together and reduce the amount of crossing and navigating around each other as you run stuff into your new house.

Helping Hands Help to Relax

While it may seem easier to handle everything yourself, you should get some helping hands whenever it is available. The old saying that you cannot be in two places at once rings true, so a pair of extra hands at each end of the move will help with the heavy lifting and save your back strain throughout the day.

Even the help of a professional moving company will help you relax a bit more as the day gets busy. Not everything is destined to go according to plan, but in the end you will finally be settled in a new home, so don’t panic and stress as the day goes through its most turbulent parts – it will all work out.

Pack Those Essentials Separately

You are not going to get through the day without a hot brew and a sandwich, so be sure to pack these things away from everything, ready for those much-needed breaks on both ends.

Instead of nipping out to the shops after everything is in your new home, buy them ahead of the move and store them separately – especially that wine or beer to toast your new home at the end of the day.

Simple guidance for a less stressful day when moving into a new property . These small steps will make a big difference when you buy property in Stockport. For help buying and selling a home in the Stockport area, contact the Joules Estate Agents Stockport.

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Testimonial: B Duggan

“Joules worked very hard to sell my two properties. We had a series of setbacks which they tackled with lots of energy, keeping me well informed along the way.

They were very good at presenting the right information to wavering buyers and without a doubt added more to the eventual sale price than their fees. 

I don’t often recommend companies but Joules will look after your interests. They are a very experienced small and dedicated team and will fight to get you the best result.”

– B Duggan

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Testimonial: JN Stewart 

“Very highly recommended estate agents – whether you are buying or selling. Jane and her team there are professional, with great communication skills and very quick at sealing a deal.

Our property took less than 3 months to sell and complete and this was over the Christmas and New Year holidays. Again, highly recommended.”

– JN Stewart 

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