How to make your home look expensive

Make Your Home Look Expensive

How to make your home look expensive – Unlike the more lavish ways of how to sell a house, creating a luxurious and sophisticated atmosphere doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. You can incorporate some cost-effective decor pieces and make a major impression on those looking to buy property in Stockport – and make your property a reason for buyers to go into a feeding frenzy.

At Joules Estate Agents Stockport, we decided to share some secrets to land that dream buyer who loves an expensive look – all the while not burrowing into your finances.

Quality Over Quantity

When looking to furnish your home for viewing there are two golden rules. One is to remove as many personal items as photographs and make the space as basic as possible. The reasoning is that it allows property viewers to easily imagine their belongings within the space and feel more homely.

The other is to find high-quality but low-price items to decorate the corners, complimenting your home and not making it look out of style. Place some luxurious fabrics for upholstery, curtains, and cushions that will add texture and depth to the room and blend effortlessly with the aesthetic.

Ensure All Lightbulbs and Switches are Working

If you have blown bulbs or faulty electrics, now is the time to fix them before any viewings happen. You should choose energy-saving bulbs, but that does not mean that you should not find some fancy lighting suggestions.

Plenty of expensive-looking designer lamps and chandeliers can complement the aesthetic and are available in stores and online that won’t cost the earth. Pendant lights and built-in LED lights are also trendy in minimalist design.

Keep Things Tidy and Organised

Nothing takes away from the overall look than having an unorganized or cluttered space when conducting viewings, no matter how expensive it looks.

Take the time to make sure all surfaces are clear of clutter and invest in some stylish storage solutions that keep your belongings out of sight. You want to promote comfort in your property with a sense of luxury living. If you have stuff cluttering up rooms, it makes it look like the property is one you can quickly grow out of.

Consider a Minimalist Approach 

Many homeowners feel the need for the most expensive decorations and patterned wallpaper to make their property look costly. However, when it comes to those looking to buy property in Stockport – less is more.

Plain wallpaper and a fresh coat of paint with a minimalist design will go further to make your home look expensive without going over the top. By creating the illusion that vast expense has been spent on a low budget, you can focus on quality and pay attention to the details to achieve a high-end look that reflects taste and style.

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