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Staying Calm With Your Property Move 

On the list of most stressful things to happen during a lifetime, moving property after completing the process of how to sell a house is very high. In these stressful economic and health-conscious times, it can be even more so no matter how calm and collected you feel.

It is not just packing your entire life into boxes and ensuring nothing gets left behind. There is also everything around the paperwork, planning, and getting everything into a new property before the sun goes down. It is a huge deal, and the stress involved can be overwhelming.

However, following a few simple steps, you can feel more at ease and organised when you buy property in Stockport when it comes time to move.

Be Kind and Take Time Out

Selling a home that has helped raise your family and establish many memories to start a new life somewhere else is not easy. It is a challenge to manage the process and get everything organised – but it does not have to be done all at once.

It is crucial to take your time to ensure everything is covered, in turn being kind to yourself and reducing your stress levels. If you become overwhelmed, take a day or an evening off to recharge. It can be a family day out or a trip out for something to eat, but it will help you to switch off and reset for the next day, approaching everything with renewed energy and focus for moving.


You cannot control everything around your house move, but you can certainly plan your best around it to be prepared for whatever happens.

Start with the idea of the worst situation – What if your moving van doesn’t show up? Do you run out of boxes to pack stuff into? Everything is running over and you need to pick up the kids from school? Every situation can have a solution if you have a plan in place.

Call the removal company and get a guarantee that they will be there early if need be. It also helps to buy extra boxes than you need, as some may break or tear while packing up. If you have a family member who can cover the school pick-up just in case you run over time, it will take a lot of pressure off you and make the day less stressful.

If you have stress-inducing concerns about moving property, you can talk about them with your estate agents Stockport who can help you to get organised and keep things stress-free. Contact the team at Joules Estate Agents to make the moving process as straightforward and stress-free as possible.