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Ready for the Spring Boost?: A Positive Outlook for Buyers and Sellers

It is an exciting time in the housing market, as property buyer demand is hitting its highest point in the past four years! The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) highlighted a wave of positivity in its latest survey that showcased positive trends in buyer interest, sales expectations, and house prices.

With the anticipated Spring rebound, buyer demand has continued to increase, with a notable increase in new buyer enquiries during March. With the steady flow of new listings entering the sales market for the last four months, the market is experiencing a solid sustained momentum that bodes well for the season.

Spring Unfolds

Sales volumes have more than doubled since March, witnessing a gradual recovery for the market thanks to favourable economic conditions like the ease of inflation and potential interest rate cuts by the Bank of England.

The positive outlook has set a stage for continued growth and stability for the next few months, where we expect a vibrant and fresh market environment in line with the Spring season. This will provide ample opportunities for waves of people looking to buy property in Stockport, sellers looking at how to sell a house in the area, and estate agents Stockport.

With the property market poised for a season of success, the time to act could well be right now.

Exciting Prospects

With the winter season lull now behind us, many people are refocusing their energies back into the property market with desires to relocate, upscale, or take their first steps onto the property ladder.

After years of ups and downs in the property market since the pandemic, a glimmer of hope for all parties looking to sell up or buy that 2024 buyer demand is once again at a fever pitch and offers a perfect launch pad to commit. With the return of sunnier and warmer weather added to the mix, the spring season has become the perfect viewing season, pushing many to get those spring clearouts done to make way for perfect presentations.

Working With Your Agency

Are you looking to sell your home successfully in 2024? Are you requiring buying property advice in line with the current market trends and demand? If so, you need to consult with local estate agents Stockport who know the area, the interest, and the expertise to get you in front of serious buyers and sellers in the area.

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