property maintenance checklist

Keeping Up Appearances: Our Property Maintenance Checklist

As a UK landlord, keeping rental property in its best condition is not a choice – more a crucial obligation. Consistent property maintenance guarantees tenant satisfaction, protects your investment, and prevents costly repair work in the near future. With many people opting to purchase property as a means to let to desperate renters who struggle to buy property in Stockport, Joules Estate Agents Stockport decided to help with a property maintenance checklist to help you adhere to local regulations and best practices, helping to keep your rental property in top condition.

Exterior Considerations

The first image a potential renter will see will be the property exterior. It can look great on the inside all day long, but if it looks a mess on the outside – renters will already have made up their mind that it is not for them or not worth the rent you charge.

Scan your roof, gutters, and siding for any signs of wear and tear, and don’t allow any found issues to linger. Fixing any issues today will save you from any pricey water damage or structural headaches tomorrow. Keep your paths and walkways clear and in excellent condition, including levelling any uneven slabs or decking. It’s no good if your renter trips or falls on their first visit.

Jazz up your property’s curb appeal by trimming all lawns and bushes to a level that boosts the overall value. These small differences are mighty when quality renters are looking for a home.

Maintenance Contracts

A common complaint in rented properties is when heating system breaks down, sometimes resulting in days going by before any engineers are called out and arrive to fix the problem. These are chiefly the most common falling-out points between tenants and landlords.

One way to avoid this is by booking a yearly service and maintenance check-up on all systems. Taps, pipes, and toilets are areas that need the most urgent attention to ensure they are working as they should, with leaks and unexpected disasters leading to costly water bills and repairs. Avoid these by setting up contracts with reputable professionals in plumbing, electricity, and joinery in the area.

Thorough inspections of your electrical systems, outlets, and wiring every year will ensure that your property is safe for tenants and meets the safety standards that keep you out of trouble.

Work With Estate Agents

One of the biggest aces up your sleeve when seeking advice on renting a house is independent estate agents Stockport. At Joules, we provide much more than a property maintenance checklist or avenues on how to sell a house and buying property advice.

Contact our office today for help in buying property to let and begin your landlord journey.