moving into your new property

What To Do After Moving Into Your New Property

Congratulations! You are about to start moving into your new property after going through a process of how to sell a house and buy property in Stockport. If you are new to the area, there will be a lot of excitement in establishing your comfort in everyday life.

Whilst moving is a stressful exercise, it’s typical for some things to have slipped your mind when settling into your new home. To kickstart your new chapter effectively, here is a little checklist to ease you into your new home.

First Things First

After moving in all of your stuff, it can be easy to crash and take things day by day on the unpacking front. However, here are some helpful starters on small but essential tasks awaiting you. The sooner you get them done, the better for you.

Start with taking the meter readings of the new property. You don’t want to be paying the previous owner’s usage, so jot down any readings and contact the current suppliers immediately to tell them you have moved in. That includes gas, electricity and water readings.

It would also be beneficial to find your fuse box so that you know where it is should you suffer any electricity trips. The same goes for your water valve. These you may not have taken the time to locate when viewing the property after all.

Give the New Home a Once-Over 

It is advisable to take a look around when moving into your new property and check everything is in order. If you should find anything faulty, such as light switches or plugs not working, missing keys for windows, broken locks or leftover belongings in the loft or under the stairs from previous owners, it can be disheartening.

However, there may also be old tins of paint matching the colours of the walls, spare bits of carpet or tiles from the renovation job, or instruction manuals and warranties for any white goods or electrical items – or the thermostat.

Introduce Yourself

With new property comes new neighbours, so take the time to introduce yourself and ask important questions – such as when the bin collection days are.

Everyone appreciates a considerate neighbour. It is best to establish a friendly relationship straightaway. It is a great way to place yourself in the community and learn more about what is happening in the area. A good relationship with your neighbour becomes even more important when you can take in deliveries for each other and keep an eye on each other’s homes when holidays happen.

These are small things that can get easily overlooked when you buy property in Stockport and move in, but they play a big part in enjoying a new home sought through estate agents Stockport.

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