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Cosy Tips for Your New Home This Season

If you are getting ready to settle into your new home within the next few weeks, you only have to look outside to see that it will be a rough move. Rain, winds, coldness: for some buyers, it makes them want to wait until the new year and join the pre-spring rush. Others feel it is a good time to get ahead of the market and get settled in and create a nice cosy home before Christmas.

As we see the back end of storms and chilly evenings, there are ways that you can make your new home very warm and welcoming upon moving in. If you want a new home that is bright and cosy, here are some top tips from Joules estate agents Stockport to make your new home perfect.

Scent and Aesthetic

Whilst the spring and summer months have unlimited daily natural light to make your home welcoming, the darker months can make your new house feel colder without some touch-ups.

One great addition (that is also very cost-effective) would be scented candles placed around your living room. Not only does it illuminate your new home for free but they also provide a calming scented aroma, such as vanilla, cedarwood or pumpkin spice. As an additional step, you should invest in some eye-catching artwork, showcasing anything from warm landscape prints to family portraits, giving your home an added warmth and sense of ownership.

Break Out the Blankets

Nothing is quite as comforting as breaking out those plushy blankets and layering them over your sofas and beds for the evening. Placing fluffy throws, plaid blankets, and chunky cable knits around your living room and rest areas works wonders for added comfort.

If your bedrooms are ill-equipped for those chilly nights, layering your beds with throw pillows, blankets and a cuddly toy or two will make your new home feel like a haven. With it being a new home, why not treat yourself to some new duvet and bedding sets that make your home feel much fresher and new?

Set Up for Home-Cooked Dinners

If you have room for it, the Autumn home-cooked dinner season would greatly benefit from setting up a dining table and chairs, making your new home feel more spacious and separated.

With many newer homes having extended kitchen and living area space, there could be plenty of room for a set that is not in the way, and it will make you feel much more like a family. It can be very tempting to splurge on the expensive takeaways during this season, but making use of your kitchen and eating healthy meals is a much better way to enjoy your new home.

Preparing for a move in the Autumn/Winter season is all about creating a cosy home for a warm welcome. For more information on buying property advice, guidance on how to sell a house or other property enquiries, contact the team at Joules Estate Agents.