“For our family, buying and selling our homes is the biggest financial transaction we have ever made.

I have turned to Joules for the sale of two family houses in the last six years, and I cannot recommend the company highly enough. The staff at Joules have extensive market knowledge and experience.

On both occasions, they have provided realistic evaluations of what we might expect from buyers, which have proven to be more accurate than any other agents’ suggestions.

I was able to turn to Joules’ staff for advice on decisions large and small, on all aspects of the process of buying and selling property. I found all the advice we had to be based on detailed knowledge.
The staff always take the time to explain and to keep us up to date. Clive’s and Jane’s advice has more than once saved me from making very expensive mistakes! The Joules’ agents also have experience and skill in negotiating between parties, and in my experience they have been able to smooth the way to agreements that seem fair to both sides.

Selling a house can be such a stressful process and the two transactions we did were both upsetting for different reasons, but I have found Joules’ staff supportive, patient and wise.

They won our trust, and when you are moving home, that’s just what you need.”


– A Happy Client