“For our family, buying and selling our homes is the biggest financial transaction we have ever made.

I have turned to Joules for the sale of two family houses in the last six years, and I cannot recommend the company highly enough. The staff at Joules have extensive market knowledge and experience.

On both occasions, they have provided realistic evaluations of what we might expect from buyers, which have proven to be more accurate than any other agents’ suggestions.

I was able to turn to Joules’ staff for advice on decisions large and small, on all aspects of the process of buying and selling property. I found all the advice we had to be based on detailed knowledge.
The staff always take the time to explain and to keep us up to date. Clive’s and Jane’s advice has more than once saved me from making very expensive mistakes! The Joules’ agents also have experience and skill in negotiating between parties, and in my experience they have been able to smooth the way to agreements that seem fair to both sides.

Selling a house can be such a stressful process and the two transactions we did were both upsetting for different reasons, but I have found Joules’ staff supportive, patient and wise.

They won our trust, and when you are moving home, that’s just what you need.”


– A Happy Client

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selling your home for the first time

Selling Your Home For the First Time? Here Are Some Pointers

If you are currently considering selling your home for the first time, we understand how it can be a very daunting experience being your first time. Understanding the housing market and how it operates takes a lot of research in figuring out how to sell a house, and that is before you think about making it appealing to those looking to buy property in Stockport.

We can tell you straight away how important it is to have a plan when you are ready to sell. A little bit of preparation with your estate agents Stockport will prepare you for successfully selling your home.

Know What You Want

The first step is always giving a lot of upfront thought about what you want to get from selling your home. You have to give a lot of serious consideration to before you even look at selling it.

In our experience, many first-time sellers are unsure how much their house is worth or could be worth. That is why it is essential to work with a reputable independent estate agency with a track record of selling homes within the area. A more localised estate agency will know what people seeking buying property advice are comfortable paying and what they look for in a house.

Once you have a price range decided upon, you also need a good understanding of the market value of your property. Our estate agent team can help you determine all aspects of this and advise on lowering your asking price or not in order to meet the values of the area.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask the Hard Questions

The best tool you can have when looking to sell your first property is knowledge, which is why undertaking independent market research is always a step to take.

Having knowledge on how the markets are performing helps you construct your questions when talking with agents, lawyers and potential buyers. If you look to sell your home quickly, you may not have time to get out the current market value of your property, but you should always take a little time to learn more about the local housing market so that you know you are making informed decisions about the pricing of your home.

Create Strategy

With all the research and the help of estate agents Stockport, you can plan how to promote your property. The professional help from your independent estate agents will become even more valuable during this period as they will know every effective method to get your home in front of interested buyers occupying the market.

If the time has come to sell your home, call the friendly team at Joules Estate Agents today to ensure that selling your home for the first time is a smooth and professional process.

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