Who do you need to inform when you move house

Moving Into a New Property: Who Needs Informing?

Who do you need to inform when you move house? This is a fair question when you transfer from one home to the other. With so many emotions and tasks – from moving your life from one place to the next, disposing of all cluttered items and working back and forth with your estate agents Stockport to ensure a smooth process

– it certainly can be hectic.

With a long list of tasks to sort through, organise and delegate, it can be easy to forget the little things that can become a big problem later. One of the most important tasks is ensuring you have notified the right people and organisations about the change of address.

Most of the time it can result in an entirely separate list of tasks for you, but the team at Joules aims to make that a little bit easier by providing a little checklist below of who you should prioritise about your exciting new move.

The First Five

Your family will likely be the first to know about your move, but you should also include your extended family and friends in this bracket. You can save a lot of time by sending a quick email and letting friends know through a social media post. Some people go a little bit further and send out change-of-address cards.

You will have to class your employer as a priority in the move so that records are updated with your new address to send crucial documents, such as payslips and P60s. You will also have to notify HMRC for your tax records, which can be done via your Government Gateway account. If you receive benefits, pensions or allowances, the DWP will need to know your address change straight-away.

You must inform your local council to ensure you are registered for council tax at your new address. Be sure to update that electoral roll detail so you can continue voting. Be sure to inform your children’s schools and childcare providers so that they have up-to-date information in case of emergencies.


Next on your checklist would be your gas, electricity and water suppliers. You should have your final meter readings ready and arrange for any transfers to be setup at your new address.

Along with these providers, you must inform all phone, mobile, broadband and TV providers, even if you are terminating their services. All banks, building societies and credit card providers will need to send your statements and other correspondence to your new address, helping to protect against any identity theft if your mail continues to your old address.

Gather up all of your car, home, contents, life, medical and pet insurance providers and make sure each one of them is aware of your new address. That is crucial as your premiums may change depending on your new home’s location and property type. One that many forget to change addresses with is their local GP, dentist, vet (and pet microchip provider) or optician. If you are moving to a new area, you may have to switch to a more local professional, and the transfer of records can be done without any fuss when you have one.

The Additionals

Most of these may seem like common sense and would fall into an easy list to remember, but more are generally forgotten until after the move.

The DVLA for your driving licence and vehicle registration often gets forgotten, along with subscriptions and memberships, online shopping accounts, solicitors and accountants, breakdown and loan providers and the passport office. These are the main types of previous occupant mail that gets handed over to a landlord by a new tenant.

Moving home can be stressful, but keeping this little guide on who to notify will help the process be much smoother when settling into your new home. Contact our helpful team at Joules Estate Agents Stockport today for buying property advice and advice on renting a property.