rental market boom

The Busy Rental Market: Steps to Secure a Rental Property

We have seen a rental market boom in 2023, with enquiries trebling the numbers of 2019 and competition fierce for the remainder of the year ahead. Whilst it is not a closed door for those wanting to secure a rental property in 2023, we advise that interested renters get a little savvy and act to improve those chances.

Being quicker than others seeking to secure rental property is vital, and the best way to do that is to prepare some stages in advance. In times like this where the rental market is a hotly sought requirement, getting ahead means working with an estate agent Stockport and being prepared to strike whilst the iron is hot.

References and Paperwork Prep

Having everything required to send an application at short notice means you can be ahead of the crowd when applying for new listings. The early bird may catch the worm, but the prepared renter can just as easily get the property.

Paperwork typically encompasses a reference from an employer, a previous landlord and potentially your bank – giving plenty of notion as to who you are, how you treat the rental property and, most importantly, the ability to afford the rent.

Other items would be a valid government-issued passport and driving licence for photo identification and a utility bill from your current address. If you don’t have any of these, you should start contacting them now and inform them of your rental property search and need for their references. All individual tenants will need this documentation, and if you are moving in with a partner, ensure that they also have the same documentation ready.

Be Open

It is never a guarantee that your preferred property will be the one accepted for you. With demand at so high a level, all listings will likely have many applications put forward for them.

When exploring the rental market, be open to expanding your search area and consider rental options that would have commuting expectations. The more properties you show interest towards, the higher your chances of hearing back from them. Do not make the common mistake of becoming too attached to any single property that is hot on the market.

Take time to set up alerts for new listings and increase your chances of being the first person to enquire about a fresh rental property.

Demonstrate Interest

Landlords and estate agents want sensible tenants who pay rent on time and do not cause issues. Being open and eager to impress helps to build a good relationship and keeps you constantly in mind with both parties.

Be punctual. First impressions always matter, so getting off on the right foot helps when the final decisions are being made – or when they have fresh property about to make its way to market.

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