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The Price Is Right: The Magic of Selling Your Property

Future home seller – Come on down! If you are fresh to the property market and looking at how to sell a house, you have eyes on getting the right price as the goal. As estate agents Stockport will tell you, getting the right price is the ultimate reward in your selling journey, and advertising your property at that right price helps you attract the right buyers like moths to a flame.

Let’s talk about why getting the right price matters when advertising to those looking to buy property in Stockport.

Bring On Genuine Buyers

Selling your property at the right price brings out genuine buyers who want your home. When you do some research and work with your estate agent, the eyes of potential buyers focus on a hot deal. If you price too low to gain quick interest, you may have people with no genuine interest taking up prime viewing time.

Also, if you go crazy with your price, you alienate some genuine buyers who will head to the next available property that fits their price range. More people will meet your right price than above or below it, so work smartly on finding that price and take agent advice.

The Time is Money

There is always a ticking clock on the property. If your home sits on the marketplace longer than needed, you may have to adjust the price as the market fluctuates.

Active homebuyers notice when a house is on the market for long periods, and a certain stigma may develop as to why you cannot sell it during a hot market. Accurate pricing will speed up the entire process, attracting the required attention and enquiries and allowing for the right amount of showings. That saves a lot of lost time and does much more to put that SOLD sign outside your door.

Perceived Value

Do you ever wonder why some properties get a lot of attention whilst others get passed over? That all comes down to perceived value

When a property holds the right pricing, it subliminally screams that it is a fantastic deal that deserves people’s attention. Everyone loves a bargain, and if the price is right, the queues can line up around the block to be the first wave of potential buyers through the door.

Wouldn’t you love to be in the middle of a bidding war for your property? Nothing is more satisfying than a group of interested buyers constantly outbidding each other for your property. The way to achieve that is by setting the right pricing from the beginning, allowing those comfortable buyers to feel they can raise the stakes on their bids to bag your home bargain.

Now you understand how the magic comes with setting the right pricing with estate agents Stockport. Contact the team at Joules estate agents to guide you through the pricing game and prepare to showcase your home as the ultimate sale on the market.