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Best Results Through an Estate Agency Partner

Picking an estate agency to work with you in selling your home to people looking to buy property in Stockport is no easy task. Whilst the main bulk of the workload will fall onto the agent in keeping the sale on track, there are still some things that you can do to help achieve the very best results.

Once you have found an ideal partner in an estate agent’s Stockport, you understand you are joined at the hip as a tag team. You are both motivated to get the very best on a sale, so stay aligned in all areas in what you both look to achieve.

Here are some helpful pointers from your first meeting to obtaining the right offer alongside your estate agent partner.

Be Clear and Stay Updated

Before anything else, take the time to align with your agent on expectations from the outset. Use this start to ask all questions and iron everything out, including indication of how quickly you want to move.

That can be on a specific timeframe or if you can hold out a little for the right buyer. That plays a great benefit to your agency in organising and prioritising around your requirements.

Working with your agent requires communication between both of you in close contact. Having your agent understand how you want updating on the progress should fall in every 7 to 10 days, with any pressing post-viewing discussions occurring a couple of days later to gauge buyer feedback.

Feedback and Marketing Strategy

Potential buyers will be honest and forthcoming with opinions on your property viewing. Whilst this is great for positive feedback, expect some criticisms.

Don’t be disheartened – instead, let your agency know that you are open to all feedback so it can be advantageous. Negative feedback may show common themes that will benefit you, such as a need to change the decor or some areas that need additional touch-ups to be appealing. Making those recommended changes makes all the difference.

Work alongside your agent in how you want your home advertised to potential buyers. Getting answers about success rates of portals, advertising and putting a sign on your lawn will help you to hone in on the most successful avenues.

Showcase and Be Flexible

Alongside marketing, showcase your property with the best possible images. Before the photographer shows up, declutter your home thoroughly, remove the bins and cars from the driveway and switch your lighting for something more ambient and appealing.

The more viewings your agent can book in, the more offers you are likely to receive, so make a point to be flexible for weekend viewings. That is when couples are more likely to be together and not working separately, while also giving them time over a second weekend day to talk-over the potential of your property before the regular working week takes up their time.

Do you want to talk more with estate agents Stockport on how to sell a house to those seeking to buy property advice? Contact the friendly Joules team today.

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Setting the Correct Asking Price

You ask anyone who has recently gone through the process of how to sell a house. They will tell you straight – selling your property is one of the most complex and time-consuming periods of your life.

They will also highlight the importance of setting the correct asking price. The reason is that it is crucial in ensuring your sale is successful. Today, let’s look into why setting the right asking price is of utmost importance and how exactly you determine the best price for your home for people looking to buy property in Stockport.

The Importance of the Asking Price

The asking price is the first thing potential buyers look at when searching for a property. The right asking price has the most significant impact on their interest in putting in the offer.

When your asking price is too high, buyers will be instantly discouraged as it will not meet their budget. That means they look elsewhere for property more within their expected price range. On the other hand, if you set your asking price too low, you stand the chance of leaving money on the table.

The asking price is the starting point of negotiation, so you need to figure out exactly what price is fair and reasonable for your ideal buyer.

Determining Factors

Determining the correct asking price for your property is going to be challenging, but, as any estate agents Stockport will advise you – there are several factors to consider to gain the best return on your investment.

The property market can fluctuate (as we have seen over the last few years), and it is essential to keep that knowledge of changes heavily at the forefront of all decisions in setting the asking price. The current property demand in your area – and the available supply of homes within it – can seriously impact the price that most buyers are willing to pay.

The condition of your property is also something that will significantly impact its value. If your property is in a well-maintained state with a fresh design – complete with the most modern features and updates – it is much more likely to fetch those higher prices over properties that require a certain amount of repairs or renovations.

Around the Area

The location of your property is going to be among the highest factors for determining the right asking price. Properties located in desirable areas, such as ones close to schools, shopping outlets and transportation links are the homes that fetch the best prices due to convenience.

Researching similar properties that have been recently sold in the same vicinity can help you to gain a better understanding of what buyers would pay to secure a property in the area. The best way to go about this is by working with a local estate agent that has all the information on the value of the area and what people are willing to negotiate around.

Stuck with an asking price dilemma? Talk to our team at Joules Estate Agents today for up-to-date buying property advice and sales.

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