Planning On a Holiday? How to Protect Your Property Sale

Are you in the process of selling your property but have decided to take advantage of the warm weather and escape for a little while whilst everything is taking its time? We cannot blame you after such a turbulent year.

Unfortunately, when it comes to taking that break, there is also the worry of your home being safe whilst you are away. With all of your possessions still in the property whilst you are enjoying a relaxing break, there is a risk of potential burglars and opportunistic thieves invading the property not just to steal your belongings, but also to cause considerable damage to the property at the same time.

Failure to Check

According to insurance companies, two-fifths of homeowners fail to check on their doors and windows to ensure they are locked and secured before they jet off on their holidays. You must remember to double-check all windows, doors, garages and outbuildings – and remove all keys.

Before you travel and whilst you are away, be aware that countdown tracers and holiday photos on your social media will highlight the fact that you are away. Many people in the local area will openly discuss that you are away, which will result in an extended knowledge around town that your home is empty and rich for plundering from opportunists.

Ask a friend or relative to keep an eye on your home whilst you are away – such as a trusted neighbour or local family member. They will be able to keep your post, check on the property and ensure that internal problems are prevented for your return home.

Leave the Impression

Do not leave a key under a mat or plant pot for your neighbour to check on the house, as it is a well-overused device that thieves will check on before anything else. You can also make your property look occupied by using timed light switches and asking your neighbour if they would park their car on your drive to give the impression someone is home.

Before you go on holiday, take the time to cut your overgrown grass and borders, as well as put away any garden items that would highlight the fact that no one is home. Having a burglar alarm and security lights are a surefire way to ward off any unwanted intruders. If you do not have any installed, take an investment in safety and have some installed by a local security firm.

Talk With Your Agent

If your property is on the market with estate agents Stockport, be sure that your agent knows that you are away and they will add to the security by checking on the property for safety and leaks.

Contact the team at Joues estate agents for buying property advice and how to sell a house, and feel secure that your property is safe.