Saving Money on Your Next Move

Money! Money! Money! It’s certainly not fun living in the rich man’s world in 2023. As more and more of us put things on the backburner hoping that the situation will improve in the UK, we are all looking for money-saving exercises to get us through.

If you think that would not apply to the housing market, you would be wrong. There are ways to apply saving money whilst moving to a new home also. Make no mistake about it, upscaling or downsizing is a hugely significant purchase – but there are still ways to save some of that all-important moolah on your house move.

At Joules estate agents Stockport, we like to help our clients as much as possible – and that includes advising on how to save a few quid here and there during the process.

Chuck That Clutter

When you are calculating those moving costs – how many of you are paying extra money to move items into your new home that you don’t even want or need? That number is surprisingly high with most clients throughout the year.

It makes good financial sense to conduct a thorough decluttering and toss out the old, unwanted stuff before booking your removal company. With less clutter, you are saving money on packing boxes, saving time on loading up and reducing the number of times a removal company has to make trips or the fuel in your car/van.

If you are putting items into storage, having fewer boxes will help to reduce your expenses as you will undoubtedly be able to have a smaller unit. Some of those unwanted items may be of value to other people also, so you could do some selling and make some money on top.

Book the Right Removals Team Early

Comparing the right pricing between local removal firms is essential, so you need to get multiple quotes whilst also taking the time to read their reviews. It is no good getting a cheap man with a van if they have a track record of damaging valuable goods in transit.

The earlier you tend to book most removal firms, the better – especially if you are planning to move during peak seasons or around a bank holiday. Booking early may save you significant funds whilst also getting the desired firm. You should also enquire if the company does certain discounts which may count towards you.

Some removal firms offer discounts towards armed forces, essential key workers, students or OAPs. don’t be afraid to ask if you don’t see anything on their website or Facebook page.

Talk With Your Agent

An independent estate agent will be there for more than you wanting to buy property in Stockport or looking into how to sell a house – they will have considerable relationships with local businesses that can help to save you money on your move.

Contact the team at Joules estate agents today for help and advice on saving money on your move along with buying property advice.