Downsize-Upsize-Right Size: What You Need for 2023

It’s a nice house. It has served you and your family well, but there is the underlying feeling that it does not serve its purpose anymore. You have outgrown it, or it feels too much space for you now.

If there are rooms that you have no use for anymore, the feeling you may be having is one of downsizing. Perhaps it is the opposite – you now need more room for an impending child or an in-house office for working from home. These are big factors in the decision to move into what feels just right.

Where You Stand

UK Finance published a report that detailed people tend to stay in a home for an average of 20 years. The reason is that selling their home and buying another takes considerable time, money and effort.

Before the wheels are in motion, think about what your next ten years would look like and how your needs would be met. The clearest you are about what you want and need from your next home will make it easier to narrow down the options. Let’s talk about some considerations as you move up or down the property ladder.

Moving On Up

If you need a larger home space and feel ready for the change, you have a pretty open book when it comes down to your options. Plenty of homes that come up for sale will have that space required, but you still need to ensure it is the right home in other areas.

When you move for a specific reason, you need to lead with your head over your heart. A home may have an amazing-looking kitchen and a fantastic view, but you should not let that affect your initial desire for the square footage needed. Otherwise, you will find yourself needing to move again once the aura has worn off.

An estate agent Stockport is perfect help in this area by taking the time ahead of the search to factor in why you are moving and the number of rooms you need, meeting all minimum requirements so that what you are tempted by already fits into the established needs.


Maybe your larger space home served its purpose back in the day, but today those activities have come to an end and you are left with dead, unimaginative space.

You may need to move for work-related or lifestyle reasons, or you just feel that your needs are smaller after all these years. It is important to think about downsizing as a last move, planning and making a wishlist of what you want throughout your life – and if a smaller home can contain that. Downsizing can be an incredibly tricky step to make. With many people looking to move up the property size ladder, downsizing can be a huge benefit to selling your home to people looking to buy property in Stockport.

Whatever your plan in buying property advice or looking into how to sell a house, talk with the team at Joules estate agents today.