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What is Next Following An Offer Acceptance?

The home of your dreams has been discovered and your offer to buy property in Stockport has been accepted. Congratulations! You are finally on the final stretch to owning your new home and enjoying your piece of property moving forward. Once receiving an offer acceptance, you may suddenly find yourself asking the question “Well… what happens now?” well fear not, here are some immediate things you need to do when submitting and following your offer being accepted.


Once the offer has been accepted, you will receive a congratulatory call that confirms your offer amount and terms are fully agreed upon. Before agents submit your offer, there are some items needed to qualify it.

To support your offer, you need to provide your proof of deposit, your mortgage in principle or proof of sale, proof of identification and that you have a solicitor.

Solicitor Instruction

There is no better time to get things moving than after your offer has been accepted. For quicker sales, you will want to instruct your solicitor as soon as you can. If you do not have a solicitor for this, you can ask estate agents Stockport to recommend a solid and reliable one.s

The solicitor will begin completing all checks and searches on the property. Depending on the solicitor, they may ask for payment up-front for some of their services, so it is best to find out about these charges before employing one for this task and be sure that you are happy with the rates they charge.

Mortgage Application

Since a mortgage in principle is indeed a principle agreement, you will need to complete a full application for the money now that the offer has been accepted.

You will need to apply for the exact amount that you require to borrow for the property in question. If you have a mortgage adviser, they will guide you through the process and let you know exactly what information you need to supply.

Arrange a Survey

If you are getting a mortgage, the lender will require a valuation and possibly a survey. Whilst surveys are not compulsory when you buy a new home, they are still a good thing to have done.  When conducting a survey, a professional surveyor will fully inspect the property and provide an overview of the property.

Surveys help you to understand any current or future issues that you may have with the property, and can be arranged through your estate agent Stockport to book a time suitable for the sellers.

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