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Top Things That Will Sell Your Home

When polling house hunters for what they want from their next home purchase, their wish list showcases many smaller considerations than at any point previously, and they are certain to add brownie points to those looking at how to sell a house if they check off the right appealing aspects.

Those looking to buy property in Stockport want a good, reliable broadband signal over higher-rated schools, and prefer off-road parking over a home garage. Instead of period features, today’s house hunters want a living room big enough for their flat-screen TV.


Warmth and energy efficiency are some of today’s key priorities in looking for a new property, thanks in part to the British climate and rising energy prices. Central heating and double glazing top the list of what is considered a must-have, with a good energy efficiency rating and cavity wall insulation also occupying the highest-rated features.

As mentioned earlier, homebuyers rank a good, reliable broadband coverage and mobile phone signal much higher than the need for a close high-ranking school facility or period features, which have both dropped considerably over the years as an essential towards a purchase.

Appealing Features

The following features are the ones that rank high with today’s homebuying crowd. The space race opened up more people wanting a garden space, whilst working from home has pushed for people wanting secure doors and windows and solid signals for phone and internet coverage.

Friendly neighbours, local shops and amenities are consistently a high selling point, as well as a bathtub, at least two bathrooms (or en-suite bathroom) and a dining room area (although a kitchen/living room combination is also gaining a lot of attention from homebuyers.

Fixtures such as cavity wall insulation, luxury vinyl flooring and home solar panel systems also rank highly among providing a long-term home provision, with homes already having an eco-conscious design – such as smart meters and smart kitchens – being among the hottest attractions to the market for sales.

Room for Future

Of course, the big appeal for homebuyers is the feeling that their families will grow shortly, whether for a first child or grandchildren to come and visit.

This has resulted in homebuyers actively searching for homes with everything they could require in space and requirements. In the case of Stockport, the perfect mixture of both city and rural life means that it is a prime area for house hunters from across the UK.

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