Top of the Buyer Wish List

As 2022 roars ahead and the prospect of new properties coming to the market is waited on with bated breath, we looked into what buyers are wanting from their homes and their estate agents to top their figurative wish list.

Topping the buyer’s wish list is speedy sales, as well as homes that have gardens and garages.


Ever since the onset of the global pandemic and lockdowns during the covid waves, buyers have seen the importance of garden space.

Outdoor space provided additional space for workouts and fresh air during the lockdowns, yet following the ease of restrictions, people began to see the additional potential for more luxurious space for barbecues, outside jacuzzi and additional space for home-based working during the summer months.

Today, the garden remains a key consideration for homebuyers with 45% wanting a larger garden space for outside activity with their families.


The large majority of homebuyers top a form of parking at their intended home as an essential, with 94% of today’s homebuyers wanting it as part of their decision-making process.

This includes either a garage or driveway access instead of a communal or shared parking area with other residents of the street. This can also be because of the positive drive for EV vehicles in the future requiring a charging point that can be situated inside of a garage connected to the house. Once again, homebuyers are looking to what the future looks like to buy property in Stockport and this consideration is now more serious than ever.

Speedy Sales

Speed of sale remains the biggest factor in what a buyer wants from estate agents Stockport.

The biggest factor is that many want a more independent service that has more of an overall area focus instead of a national agency with monthly sales figures on their mind, preferring an individually tailored service over one that has a broader concentration on sales.

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