Why Independent Agencies Are the More Comforting Choice

When you begin looking at how to sell a house or have the interest to buy property in Stockport, what kind of service do you feel suits you best? Do you prefer a more personal approach or are you comfortable being a number on a board to hit a target?

Throughout the past two years, many people have needed that little bit of extra support and peace of mind, and people require more time and focus to avoid losing out. Whilst a major estate agency will have a wider portfolio, they also have targets – and that is what you would fall into.

This results in knowledge of your property not being as in-depth as it probably should be, and their knowledge of you may also be lower in-depth. This is why independent estate agents Stockport are a number one choice for those wanting a more personal service.

Less Automation

One of the most frustrating aspects of dealing with major estate agencies is trawling through their countless automated services to get what you want – which includes being left on hold for longer periods.

When automation is used correctly it can be a very valuable tool in saving time, but the only problem being is everyone is left waiting with differing needs – some more urgent than others. Independent’s will have a more hands-on approach and be able to provide a more urgent and tailored approach towards clients and their property.

Local By-Laws and Regulations

Local information does not stop at where the bus stop is and what there is to do in the area for entertainment – it also falls into local laws, health regulations and codes of the area.

A local estate agent has a wealth of relationships with many businesses, councils and establishments in the area that better benefit the people looking to buy property. As laws and regulations change within the area, a local estate agent will know straight away, whereas a major chain would possibly miss out on the information until late in the game due to the amount of scope they have.

Less Confliction

Major estate agents find it very easy to have a much bigger workload due to many extra clients in other areas, which leads to a lot of conflicts.

A major estate agency may need to focus on satisfying a large number of clients and end up pushing you to the bottom of a pile and getting to you later. An independent estate agent would put your needs first and foremost and add more emphasis on making you a valued customer.

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