Why Independent Agencies Are the More Comforting Choice

When you begin looking at how to sell a house or have the interest to buy property in Stockport, what kind of service do you feel suits you best? Do you prefer a more personal approach or are you comfortable being a number on a board to hit a target?

Throughout the past two years, many people have needed that little bit of extra support and peace of mind, and people require more time and focus to avoid losing out. Whilst a major estate agency will have a wider portfolio, they also have targets – and that is what you would fall into.

This results in knowledge of your property not being as in-depth as it probably should be, and their knowledge of you may also be lower in-depth. This is why independent estate agents Stockport are a number one choice for those wanting a more personal service.

Less Automation

One of the most frustrating aspects of dealing with major estate agencies is trawling through their countless automated services to get what you want – which includes being left on hold for longer periods.

When automation is used correctly it can be a very valuable tool in saving time, but the only problem being is everyone is left waiting with differing needs – some more urgent than others. Independent’s will have a more hands-on approach and be able to provide a more urgent and tailored approach towards clients and their property.

Local By-Laws and Regulations

Local information does not stop at where the bus stop is and what there is to do in the area for entertainment – it also falls into local laws, health regulations and codes of the area.

A local estate agent has a wealth of relationships with many businesses, councils and establishments in the area that better benefit the people looking to buy property. As laws and regulations change within the area, a local estate agent will know straight away, whereas a major chain would possibly miss out on the information until late in the game due to the amount of scope they have.

Less Confliction

Major estate agents find it very easy to have a much bigger workload due to many extra clients in other areas, which leads to a lot of conflicts.

A major estate agency may need to focus on satisfying a large number of clients and end up pushing you to the bottom of a pile and getting to you later. An independent estate agent would put your needs first and foremost and add more emphasis on making you a valued customer.

For a more custom-tailored service, contact the team at Joules today.

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Why Stockport is Popular on the Homebuyers Front

When it comes to house buying over the last year, Stockport has seen a huge surge in people interested in the geographical area for first times buying, second home buying and upsizing from existing homeowners.

The borough of Stockport and its villages have long been a sought after postcode for neighbouring Manchester and Cheshire movers, but the biggest increase in interest in the last year has seen families as far away as Birmingham and London have advanced interest in the area on both sides of the budget scale.

The Stockport Appeal

Estate agents Stockport will tell you that there is something for every type of homebuyer in the area, and it is certainly true.

From stunning period properties such as Victorian terraces and grand detached residences to coach houses and cottages, Stockport is a dream atmosphere for those city dwellers looking to find something much more relaxing – which appealed greatly to those London dwellers looking to escape to a cheaper and more natural climate.

For relocating families, the areas of the Heaton’s, Cheadle and Bramhall have fallen into the most popular forever homes. Part of this falls into the very picturesque and friendly environment of quality shops, boutiques and upmarket bars and restaurants.

Changing Faces

Stockport’s £1 billion town investment is modernising and improving Stockport town centre to suit today’s shoppers which will bring an added attraction for bigger businesses into the area.

This will make every kind of brand name available to people living in the more rural areas of Stockport at just a short drive or walks away from their homes. With Manchester the neighbouring area and even London is within two hours reach, the appeal is still very high for those who want to mix their leisure home with close enough big city experience. For those choosing not to drive into the city’s, the excellent rail network has Stockport station on the mainline between Manchester and London, making access to Manchester Piccadilly Station and London Euston station as easy as boarding a train.

Perfect for Family

The big appeal when it comes to Stockport is that it is the perfect area to raise a family, which is why those looking to upscale, those looking to relocate and those first-time buyers are so keen to get property in the area. These are not families looking for a home for a few years – these are families looking to stay forever.

With some of the nation’s best schools rated by Ofsted and beautiful scenery around the area such as Lyme Park and access to the Peak District, it is no wonder why it is the number one destination for those looking to buy property in Stockport.

Contact the team at Joules Estate Agents for buying a property advice in the heart of the English north-west.

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houses for sale in north west

Will the North West Remain the Ideal Location for 2022?

As we approach the end of a wild and crazy start to the 2020s, one of the better things to have come out of the post-pandemic period is the sudden urge for people looking for houses for sale in north west Cheshire, with the desire to move their living requirements to the more rural areas.

Interest in All Areas

With demand being high and supply struggling to keep up with the insane interest for spacious living within the area, estate agents Stockport have seen huge increases in new buyers to the market, people looking to upsize or buy a second home and an unexpected surge in people further down south looking to relocate into the area.

This has led to record numbers of interest on every single house on the market, with upwards of 10 or more buyers in line for each property. Whilst this has led to 9 in every 10 not buying their intended property, it has been extremely beneficial to those taking initial steps into how to sell a house.

Access to Better Living

Initially, the drive for more space drove the increase in attention for the area, with people during the pandemic wanting greener pastures and the drive to escape crowded city living. This was also driven by the dramatic increase in home working due to the pandemic, with many families choosing to upsize their home to one that accommodates the family all being at home throughout the day.

The ability to have a home office, home schooling area and a place to hold virtual meetings necessitated a move where everyone could function properly and the allowing of outside exercise called for areas with country walks and parks that social distancing could provide a safe environment. This became majorly attractive to families in city areas such as London or Birmingham that desired something much different.

Enter the New Faces

With the stamp duty holiday in effect and the addition of the low mortgage scheme, the doors were wide open for first-time buyers to join the hunt for rural area housing in Stockport. This saw record numbers in housing interest that broke records month on month but constituted a dramatic increase of numbers for properties.

With signs pointing to 2022 being a continuation of the interest in housing within the northwest areas of Manchester, Stockport and Cheshire, advice on where to buy property in Stockport is seeing more and more interest in dealing with independent estate agents Stockport.

The team at Joules Estate Agents are prepared to weather the storm for 2022 and provide the best properties on the market as soon as they become available. Contact us today for the best buy a property advice and houses for sale in north west.

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