the housing market

Exodus to the North West Continues to Show Strength

Whilst things are starting to get back to business as usual following a turbocharged year for the housing market, one area that still holds strong is the flow of purchasers from the South, such as London, towards more market town locations in the Northwest such as Cheshire, Stockport and Manchester Burroughs.

Shift Towards the Green

The continued demand for new ways of living was a core value in the decision for many families to shift location to more rural areas where space has been plentiful. This demand is now seen to be a continuing factor in the housing market for many years to come.

As London activity levels are very strong and currently outperforming all predictions, the rural areas of the northwest are currently witnessing a record high for enquiries and interest from previous city dwellers from the South.

Whilst uncertainties still surround the global pandemic and the economy as a whole, many people have found satisfaction in home-based working or establishing their own home-based business online, which in turn has led to more desire for comfort levels in their choice of home.

Moving Up

Whilst unemployment and returns to office working have slightly dampened the buyer demand to an extent, the activity of moving to areas within the Northwest or further upwards is expected to last for many more years to come, with many finding their opportunity to escape city life due to affordability, timing and circumstance.

The permanent shift in behaviour and lifestyles is now the driving force for buying up available property in the areas of Stockport and Cheshire, providing a new factor in the housing market and a hot selling point for people looking at how to sell a house in these areas.

The appeal of flexible living outside of the South post-Covid has had a seemingly permanent change in the way people now accept working conditions and the way we adapt them to our living. This effect has been initially forced onto people and now comes with so much comfort that we may never return to the way we used to separate our lifestyles.

Shift in Living Focus

As the remaining restrictions are lifted, we are seeing more and more people hesitant to return to full-on pre-Covid lifestyles, and many more fleeing the crammed city environments for space and natural environments in smaller market towns.

People who seek better value for money, higher standards of living and enough room to have a garden and office space in a property are keen to leave the rat race to have forever homes in areas they had only previously dreamt of owning, with estate agents Stockport seeing a dramatic increase in out of county enquiries.

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