commitment to health and safety

Freedom Day Is Here, Estate Agents Continue with Safety

Can you believe that ‘Freedom Day’ has come and gone? Yet, with so much optimism of things getting back to normal, it is safe to say we are not out of the woods yet and safety will stay play greatly into proceedings, and that includes where estate agents are concerned, as they need to have a commitment to health and safety for their staff, as well as their clients.

Staying in the Safe Spot

Many estate agents will continue observing the mask-wearing and social distancing when it comes to doing business, and for good reason – not everyone has been vaccinated yet and many people still are susceptible to health risks when it comes to the virus that is still around. Manchester itself has seen 9 boroughs over the national average for infection rates in July, which means risks are still high.

This means that the risks to agents and homebuyers can still be considerable and, with a section of people refusing to take vaccinations, the near future still has uncertainty.

Committed to Safety

Estate agents Stockport commit to keeping clients, staff and families safe from risk and, like many agencies nationwide, will continue with masks and social distancing.

Many buyers and sellers to the market have swayed towards keeping current practices towards safety in place, and agents wanting to keep extra precautions in place to not affect their clients during the peak of business for the UK housing market. The general feeling in the estate agency industry is that it feels way too soon to relax mask-wearing and sanitizing of properties on viewings and appraisals.

Think About Others

This, of course, calls for safety measures to be taken by visitors also, especially on viewing properties.

With many clients may be feeling that lifting of the restrictions are a cause to consider things are fine to go about business as usual, extra consideration has to be made for people who may not feel the same.

With no two clients being the same, some sellers approaching agents in how to sell a house may not feel comfortable with prospective buyers wanting to enter their property without masks or adhering to social distancing. Also, some looking to buy property in Stockport may not feel equally as comfortable visiting a house with the owners present if they are averse to social distancing or vaccination guidelines.

Taking Time in Safe Measures

It is still a very delicate time for people’s trust in easing out of what has been a very scary year, and with COVID-19 still not vanquished from existence and fully safeguarded against, we must take care and consideration towards those still vulnerable and feeling insecure in returning to regular living.

We are commitment to health and safety for safe viewings of properties during this time. Contact the team at Joules estate agents Stockport.