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The Pursuit of Larger Homes Points Towards the North West

Homebuyers are shifting their focus onto having a large property rather than smaller or similar-sized ones throughout the country. The interest in upsizing to four or more bedroom homes has seen buyers move up 205 further when they purchase.

The focus has shifted towards the northwest where location is a vital role, as those previously occupying coastal and inner-city areas now want more rural landscapes when it comes to their ideal home purchase.

Players in the Shift

For new homes, the Help to Buy equity loan scheme played its part in enabling first time buyers previously priced out of buying a home, which has coincided with many people sick of inner-city life and looking to find true greener pastures.

As the pandemic took full effect over the last year, homeowners had a dramatic shift in regards to reassessing their long term future for what they want from their home, including the desire for more live-in space and natural surroundings for exercise and walking.

Fuel to the Fires

In 2021, with the full effect of the Help to Buy scheme, the stamp duty holiday and a gap between housing and demand, many buyers decided to turn their focus away from their usual surroundings and opt for something previously unappealing to their housing demands.

Now buyers are honing in on the requirement for larger new build homes and willing to move much further inwards and upwards towards the north-west, such as Cheshire, Manchester and Stockport among others.

This search for space has put a squeeze on the supply for people looking to buy property in Stockport whilst also boosting the potential for those looking into how to sell a house.

North West to Keep Appeal

Whilst it is too early to tell how recent changes to Help-to-Buy and regional price caps will impact larger home demand in the future, the changing buyer behaviour is set to dominate the northwest for much longer as more and more properties become available.

The boost in popularity for northwest properties is indeed a boon for local estate agents Stockport who are seeing record amounts of interest in both the buying and selling of properties. With Stockport seeing more large properties in more rural settings, the interest has been coming from a variety of out of town interests.

New Home Based Working

Another huge shift in popularity has been the advent of home-based working, with many families previously having to move down south for career-based opportunities that can now be accessed by home working, seeing a shift in those wishing to move back towards their roots after a long stay close to work.

For more information on available housing, large property and buying a property advice, contact the team at Joules estate agents Stockport today.

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commitment to health and safety

Freedom Day Is Here, Estate Agents Continue with Safety

Can you believe that ‘Freedom Day’ has come and gone? Yet, with so much optimism of things getting back to normal, it is safe to say we are not out of the woods yet and safety will stay play greatly into proceedings, and that includes where estate agents are concerned, as they need to have a commitment to health and safety for their staff, as well as their clients.

Staying in the Safe Spot

Many estate agents will continue observing the mask-wearing and social distancing when it comes to doing business, and for good reason – not everyone has been vaccinated yet and many people still are susceptible to health risks when it comes to the virus that is still around. Manchester itself has seen 9 boroughs over the national average for infection rates in July, which means risks are still high.

This means that the risks to agents and homebuyers can still be considerable and, with a section of people refusing to take vaccinations, the near future still has uncertainty.

Committed to Safety

Estate agents Stockport commit to keeping clients, staff and families safe from risk and, like many agencies nationwide, will continue with masks and social distancing.

Many buyers and sellers to the market have swayed towards keeping current practices towards safety in place, and agents wanting to keep extra precautions in place to not affect their clients during the peak of business for the UK housing market. The general feeling in the estate agency industry is that it feels way too soon to relax mask-wearing and sanitizing of properties on viewings and appraisals.

Think About Others

This, of course, calls for safety measures to be taken by visitors also, especially on viewing properties.

With many clients may be feeling that lifting of the restrictions are a cause to consider things are fine to go about business as usual, extra consideration has to be made for people who may not feel the same.

With no two clients being the same, some sellers approaching agents in how to sell a house may not feel comfortable with prospective buyers wanting to enter their property without masks or adhering to social distancing. Also, some looking to buy property in Stockport may not feel equally as comfortable visiting a house with the owners present if they are averse to social distancing or vaccination guidelines.

Taking Time in Safe Measures

It is still a very delicate time for people’s trust in easing out of what has been a very scary year, and with COVID-19 still not vanquished from existence and fully safeguarded against, we must take care and consideration towards those still vulnerable and feeling insecure in returning to regular living.

We are commitment to health and safety for safe viewings of properties during this time. Contact the team at Joules estate agents Stockport.

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Football is Not Coming Home, But North West Still Lead in Bringing Homes

The final is over and the loss may be a disheartening and sad day for the UK. However, whilst England has suffered a defeat on the pitch, we continue to be at the forefront of competition when it comes to victory on the housing ladder as homes in the northwest are in the lead.

North West Strong Defence

Competition is still very much alive in securing the victory and keys to a home for many throughout the United Kingdom, with the North West being the pitch where many home buyers are setting their sights on the victory.

Whilst many are seeing the stamp duty holiday deadline as the final whistle, the expectation is that the desire for buying and selling of north-west housing will play well into extra time, with both high street brands and independent estate agents continuing to score high for the region.

Local Agents Charge Forward

Whilst many nationwide brands are holding firm and trying to find common ground, local estate agents Stockport are showing the public that they know their terrain and have the team play firmly in their favour.

Whilst many major firms pride themselves on the number of listings they have and eagerly promote how well they are doing in the marketplace, homeowners are enjoying a more team-focused environment that has a home advantage. Local estate agents have a lot more experience playing in their field, where knowledge and information about the area and relationships with the community are presented as a more stable play.

Playing at Home

When it comes to securing a home victory for homes in the northwest, being a trusted expert that has built a reputation through solid word of mouth, good web content and a professional attitude towards securing your home does much more to present loyalty to those seeking to buy property in Stockport or find advice on how to sell a house in this climate.

Whilst heartache may be felt for England where football not coming home is concerned, there is joy in saying that you are coming home when it comes to working with local estate agents in the North West. With the finer details in being able to get a home-field advantage working with a local agency, you stand a much better chance of securing a victory and holding up the trophy of your new keys without battling for position.

When you want the best line-up for securing victory for your home, never mind the red and white – trust in the yellow and blue that has your goal in view. Contact the team at Joules today.

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Record Business of Transactions Shows Strong Forecast

It has been reported that June has shown record-setting months of house sale transactions for estate agencies throughout the UK ahead of the main stamp duty holiday deadline, with some agencies seeing as much as a 53% higher figure than recorded in March.

Growth in Numbers

New prospective buyers to the market have seen a growth in June at 42% above the five year average for the same month, with the number of agreed offers being 86% higher than the five-year average.

Frustrated demand is fuelling the UK housing market activity as the stamp duty holiday is winding down. Nowhere is this more in effect than in the North West, where demand for more rural housing is taking precedence over inner-city apartments or properties.

Housing Set to Stand

Currently, the financial impact of the holiday ending is expected to be smaller, and even with the pent up demand for international travel starting to see an increase due to restrictions being lifted, house sales are expected to surge through until the end of 2021.

As the stamp duty deadline had a substantial role to play in the huge surge of activity within the housing sector within 2021, it undoubtedly has been the reason behind the huge amounts of homes seeing agreed sales within commercial and independent estate agents Stockport.

Interest Past the Deadline

Despite the knowledge that many buyers would not meet the stamp duty deadline, the strength of the market has been consistent with increases in sales and offers for homes. Whilst initially seen as something short term, it is now believed that interest could carry this through until Autumn.

Certainly, that bodes well for people concerned about how to sell a house in this climate, as well as those first-time buyers looking to buy property in Stockport.

North West Pulls Ahead

Whilst some house sale transactions down South have been slow or seen not much in the way of difference in comparison to previous years, the North West is teeming with interest and seen as a property hotbed due to its green areas and access to neighbouring nature areas and leisure spots.

For the Northwest, the stamp duty holiday deadline has shown no signs of slowing down high interest in the area, with many expecting the desire to pay above asking price to lead the North West as the highest sought after properties on the market by the end of 2021.

Buying a property advice, friendly localised service and properties high in demand are the backbones of the team at Joules estate agents Stockport. Talk to our team today to ensure your first step on the property ladder is a firm one.

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