online vs traditional estate agents

Sellers Want Traditional Agencies More

In a recent survey conducted by software brand Alto about online vs traditional estate agents, it was revealed that around 700 estate agency customers prefer traditional high street agents with a physical branch where they can visit an agent in person. This, along with strong word of mouth and email communication is the most preferred method of dealing with securing a home over app-based trends, such as WhatsApp.

Where It Counts

Communication is a key factor, with 83 per cent of people saying that regular contact provides a bigger peace of mind and comfort when buying property in Stockport or seeking advice on how to sell a house.

Among all of the statistics revealed in the survey, 99 per cent of respondents valued quick updates and feedback on milestones as most important with clear information about the process of buying or selling during such instances as the pandemic.

With the feeling of a more personable approach where a client and agent can be face to face and doing business in person, especially now that business is in the throes of getting back to normal, the advantages of using a local estate agents Stockport stands out more clearly than ever before.

Go Local

People like to know that the area they want to live in has many advantages, and a local estate agent comes equipped with a deeper level of in-depth information and advice within the community, as well as working relationships and partnerships within that very community. It stands to reason that a long-lasting local agent will have long-lasting standing with residents and businesses within the area that can greatly benefit your ease of living.

When you look to buy or sell a home, it comes at a very personal level for yourself not to mention an emotional one too. The worst feeling to have in the whole process is having a brand see you as a number to put on a monthly figures board. Having a more personal relationship with a local independent agent who has a focus on what you are looking for, helps to bridge that gap between your emotions over the whole process.

Looking at online vs traditional estate agents, we find that when dealing with an online estate agent, you may get the feeling the whole process is just about finding you a home or getting a quick sale, with any additional services coming with a further price tag.

Additional Assurance

When you work with an independent estate agents Stockport you can find many of those additional features all provided as well as additional help, such as relationships with the best mortgage brokers, conveyancing firms and insurance professionals within the area that offer a full service throughout the journey, not just recommending them because they are a preferred partner who may or may not be the right fit for you.

Joules estate agents Stockport is all about family; not just ours, but yours. We pride ourselves on being the family estate agents who care about the community and the people within it. Contact us today to work face to face with an agency that delivers.