Stable Housing Sales to Last to Autumn

September has been earmarked as the earliest signs of a slowing in the current housing frenzy to a point of stabilizing for buying a new house.

Although the tapering of the stamp duty holiday is about to begin, the belief that the absence of any summer holiday plans thanks to restrictions from the Covid pandemic will see a continued surge in the housing market as the UK settles for a ‘summer of lifestyle change.’

A Change in One Season

Whilst traditionally the Spring and Autumn seasons see a usual influx of buyer activity year on year, the stamp duty holiday and prevention of lavish holiday breaks have created a desire for homeowners to change surroundings and for new buyers to the market to spend the year honing in on the opportunity to purchase their first home.

This has created a summer for the housing market unlike any other, where sales are being consistent with the regular high activity seasons.

This means that a relaxing period for those looking to buy property in Stockport will not witness a slow down until close to the year-end during the close in on the Winter months, with those looking at how to sell a house having an added level of interest in the summer season. Regardless, the housing market will see one of the busiest summer’s leading into the final deadline for the stamp duty holiday.

Weighing Up

The demand for people buying a new house is still miles above of supply but that gap is beginning to get narrower as the weeks roll on and more properties are becoming available, as well as a slow in homebuyers coming to the market understanding they will miss the deadline against people wanting to sell their properties whilst the market is at an all-time high.

The number of sales being agreed has seen a huge jump, with record-low interest rates and stamp duty tax reliefs providing many with their first opportunities to afford higher prices, with the strong buyer demand to move indicating that this summer will provide strong numbers continuing. However, the desire and ability to move also rests on the availability of properties and new ones coming to market.

Scenic Change

The increase in interest has also provided a surge in city-based people looking for buying a property advice in more rural areas such as Stockport or Cheshire, with more local estate agents Stockport seeing buyers and sellers more interested in smaller regional agents over high street chain brands.

To begin a summer where your location within the home can change, contact the team at Joules today.

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will there be a drop in house prices

Could House Prices Drop After Summer?

Some research indicates the gradual increase in the supply of homes reaching the market will provide a decrease in stellar price rises that have affected over the last few months, with an outlook that there could be a change by the end of the summer. So what do you think, will there be a drop in house prices?

Will Prices Cool After Summer?

As house prices have been driven higher by the squeeze of supply since the UK eased out of the pandemic, on top of the pent up demand and stamp duty holiday, the result was a burst of inflation for house prices.

Now with supply steadily starting to emerge back online, the UK house price growth is expected to slow after the summer which is a burst of promising news for those looking to buy property in Stockport.

Changes in Circumstances

As house prices have been the highest they have been for seven years, the surge in prices has been sparked by the unique circumstances of the pandemic and the desire for homeowners for more space and changed surroundings. The advent of the stamp duty holiday ushered in fresh new buyers never previously able to afford to get onto the property ladder and created a tidal wave of activity within the housing market.

Supply became an increasing issue in early 2021 due to constraints of home-schooling, the expectation of missing the original stamp duty deadline in March and uncertainty concerning new covid-19 variations that were starting to occupy the headlines.

In Need of Selling

Now that this news of increased housing supply is expected to provide stability for those seeking buying a property advice, it may also create a sudden surge in people looking at how to sell a house quickly to get a better deal as they wondering, will there be a drop in house prices.

Many sellers now jump towards local estate agents Stockport to provide a better service and opportunity of sale, providing a more personal service and not getting lost in a shuffle or pushed through as a quick figure based sale. With better ties to the local areas, their homes occupy as well as a trusted list of buyers to hand, independent estate agents Stockport become a more satisfactory model to sell their homes satisfactorily.

Stockport Leads the Way

As Stockport has become a highly desired area for housing and new homeowners, the area has steadily grown to become amongst the most rural and satisfactory areas for those wanting to escape city living, especially for those now working in a home-based role.

Regardless of how the market turns in 2021, Joules estate agents Stockport remains the most dedicated and knowledgeable source for those looking to buy property in Stockport. Contact the team today.

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best choice estate agents

UK Estate Agents Provide the Best Value in the World

Where else but the United Kingdom can achieve excellent value? – When it comes to the best choice estate agents in the world, apparently nowhere!

Research Reveals

According to new research by GetAgent, pulled from data between property consultancies the Global Property Guide and the Advisory, only 5 countries ranked below the UK out of 29 when it came down to agency commission.

The countries in question were Singapore, the Netherlands, Ireland, Hong Kong and South Korea. The UK also topped the rankings for average costs of selling the same sized property throughout all 29 countries, proving that the UK is a leader in great value for housing even in the face of rising housing costs.

Supporting Figures

Undoubtedly the pandemic and lockdowns of the previous year have played their hand on the housing market, with a sizable shift in those aged 18 to 34 wanting to move house eager for change whilst capitalizing on the market boom.

With 39 per cent of workers polled in the UK wanting to change their working lifestyle to a home learning environment, whilst other factors such as more outdoor exercise and a more nature-driven environment has focused a lot of attention on housing within the north-west, with a particular focus on people wanting to buy property in Stockport.

Greener and country based environments have shown significant growth in helping mental wellbeing as well as the physical, with people seeing the value in moving to smaller town housing instead of congested inner-city apartments.

Trusting the Independents

Many people trust more independent estate agents Stockport over more commercial high street agencies due to a combination of care and established business relationships within the area, feeling more at ease with the process of buying a house or taking steps in how to sell a house with someone more invested in them personally.

Independent estate agencies have procured over the last year by being on the ball and fully in the know over the changing face of the last twelve months, with many quicker to adapt to new working and safety conditions over established high street outlets.

With the stamp duty holiday approaching its deadline and many clamouring to get the best value deals on housing before it passes, the outlook for great value on the UK housing market has signs that it will continue into 2022, as well as a surge in housing development expected to catch up by year’s end. This is promising news for many looking to get their dibs on their forever home.

When it comes to great value in the UK for your home and best choice estate agents, contact the team at Joules estate agents Stockport.

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online vs traditional estate agents

Sellers Want Traditional Agencies More

In a recent survey conducted by software brand Alto about online vs traditional estate agents, it was revealed that around 700 estate agency customers prefer traditional high street agents with a physical branch where they can visit an agent in person. This, along with strong word of mouth and email communication is the most preferred method of dealing with securing a home over app-based trends, such as WhatsApp.


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