should i move home

The Ongoing Space Race

One year on from the pandemic leading to everyone being kept indoors and the drive for buyers to reconsider their housing and space requirements has continued to surge leading to many still looking to move from big city life towards small towns and country life. If you’ve recently been asking yourself the question ‘should I move home’, then there’s no harm in looking into things with Joules Estate Agents.

The line between people seeking buying a property advice and those looking at how to sell a house fall into a similar bracket – the want of space.

Space Seeking

Among the top reasons for consideration of moving into a new premise is the value of space, greenery and an increasing desire for privacy. With many individuals having to undertake new work/life balances within the home over the last year, to the point where many people now prefer working from home.

When current restrictions look to end in June, many people still want to continue working from home. The ease in mixing working and family life, the reduction on fuel and travel costs to and from an office, and in some cases the full reduction of operating a small office environment is seen as a huge saving on overall costs that are providing a better way of life.

However, this cycle of interest has seen people preferring to shy away from big city living and gaining more peace and tranquillity within small-town environments.

Fuelling Desires

Another factor over the past year has been the advent of ‘Lockdown Babies’, with an increase in babies being born and expecting that is requiring couples to now upgrade their surroundings of a one-bedroom apartment or flat into something that provides more space for a first time buyer couple.

Many people who did not have access to a back garden environment have had a dramatic increase in wanting to find homes with garden space, figuring that should any future instances happen they would have the space to exercise and relax out in the sun.

Sellers Capitalising

With the growth in interest for buying new properties, many people are now selling up their old to capitalise on the huge boom period the housing market is experiencing. People with country based homes that they are looking to sell are finding huge numbers of interest and the ability to sell quickly and satisfactory. Many homeowners choose local independent estate agents in Stockport who have stronger ties to the community to sell their homes successfully, as well as find the right house to transfer into. This has allowed for a greater relationship and streamlined approach to getting everything done swiftly.

For those looking to buy property in Stockport or wondering ‘should I move home?’, contact the team at Joules estate agents in Stockport to get the advantage on the space you want.