looking for a new home

What Buyers are Looking for when House Hunting

Just what are the things that fuel the fires for people wanting to upgrade or change homes, or even buy a second home, in 2021? Looking for a new home can be challenging at the best of times and the landscape of the property market constantly changes.

Is it a magic formula that makes homes more appealing to those scouring the market place or a collection of similar appealings that when all present makes a house a hot seller? When overlooking online photographs of properties for consideration, some great touches draw the interest to consider when looking at how to sell a house.


When looking over homes in 2021, one big area that attracts a lot of interest in a positive sense are homes that have plenty of colours.

People love homes that have some personality and have a look like someone was happy living there, and people generally pick splashes of colour, feature walls and touches of imagination if they are truly comfortable in the area. People who are not happy in a home or the area would not generally dedicate so much feature to a property if they were using it as a temporary property they look forward to moving out of.


Whilst many advise against personalising a property being viewed, many people tend to linger over properties that have more personal elements.

These can come from happy family images to how your furniture fills out a property and provides a better impression. Whilst these elements do not come with the property they do provide an insight into how well it works with a buyer’s furnishings and family environment. This also can provide extra thought of consideration for rooms, showcasing its potential as playrooms, office space or even a comfy lounge area.

Floor Plans

An extra benefit in people figuring out if your home is the one for them is providing a floor plan in your listing.

This not only provides the amount of space they have but also the potential to have even more, should they see the potential for an extension in the future. People like to know that their home is adaptable to their needs, and giving them the full scale of what is available and what is achievable is a huge plus for consideration.

The Opening Image

A buyer is going to have a decision on whether your property is interesting within the first few seconds, and the picture that greets them says a thousand words.

That first impression of your home needs to be of the best quality, and having an experienced person take the picture is paramount in getting that interest converted to viewing, so don’t feel the need to break out your camera to try it yourself. If the image comes up poor, then your chances of getting the interest are even more so.

When it comes to securing the interest of buyers looking at buying property in Stockport, there are many ways to make your home the best buy on the market and choosing the help of independent estate agents in Stockport provides all the little touches you need to secure the best sale.

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