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With Market Madness in Full Effect, Do I Turn to High Street or Independents to Better My Chances?

The sales and offers on houses in 2021 are undoubtedly at crazy levels, even resulting in queues outside of estate agencies before they open to get first dibs on new housing coming up for sale. Independent estate agents may have also come to mind.

Naturally, this overabundance of interest also provides its fair share of concern for a lot of people wanting to get their foot in their potential door of a new home by seeking buying a property advice. Those new to the game may be confused in which way to turn, and to who. Do they go towards a national high street brand or discover a smaller independent agency to get a more satisfactory result?

The truth boils down to one thing in particular, and that is; How do you want to be dealt with?

High Street Agencies

Many different national brands are occupying the high streets that have built decades of value and name recognition that will have a strict guideline on how they operate to sell you a home. This can be a positive in some aspects but also a negative in others.

For one, a high street brand generally is not wholly invested in the individual, they are invested more in a sales figure for the month. They also may turn you away based on certain circumstances that don’t meet certain criteria they have in place, and being a national company means that they are tied to working that way and cannot explore potential avenues to aid.

Also, you could find that late enquiries on a Friday afternoon may leave you wholly in the dark until a Monday for certain high street branches, meaning your enquiry can end up being lost in a list of other enquiries with no immediate action taken to contact you first.

Independent Agencies

Local independent estate agents in Stockport may not be a nationally recognised brand when it comes to the housing market, however, they have a lot more in terms of helping you on the road to gaining a set of keys for a house.

Being independent, they will not be tied to national guidelines that high street brands will, meaning they are also free to go the extra mile in aiding you. Independents tend to be more involved with the individuals buying the home, and want a deeper satisfaction from them in finding the right house to buy. Whilst a figure on the board is nice, you will find that you are treated as well as everyone else and will be on a first-name basis quicker than you think.

Independents also have great ties to the community that they operate within, with relationships that can greatly benefit you whether it be in the mortgage, insurance, surveying or trade industry. This also means that instead of being turned away due to certain factors, they can recommend someone who may play into the bigger picture to help you get a step up.

Independents also can be accessible over the weekend in some cases and feel more inclined to help on an issue or parts of the process that you are confused about, so that when you have registered interest you won’t be put into a pile but treated equally when wanting to buy property in Stockport.

With houses being snapped up you need to know that your interests are of a higher level of commitment to an agency, and the team at Joules estate agents in Stockport are here to provide the best personal service possible to get you on the ladder and through the door with the help of independent estate agents.