how to sell a house quickly uk

Sellers Can Help to Make the Process Faster and Smoother

Whilst many feel that the current house buying process is slower than it should be, one area that can greatly help the process speed up comes in the form of greater preparation by sellers by providing all information required upfront. If you’re looking to find out how to sell a house quickly in the UK, keep reading…

Collate Information

This was reinforced recently by the Conveyancing Association director of delivery recently in that sellers need to be “on it” and have everything prepared upfront when deciding to sell the property, which saves conveyancers from being in a position of waiting for information to be provided from a variety of organizations.

With sellers taking the initiative of collating the relevant information required, they can have everything to hand that the buyer would require, the valuer needs and their lender demands in order to process everything in a timely fashion and not be left hanging on a slow churning area to catch up.

Find the Right Agent

The key to speeding up the process is choosing the right estate agents in Stockport, which is essential if you want someone local with experience in the area of successful sales.

Whilst many national estate agents may have name recognition, independent estate agents in Stockport has a lot of links and relationships within the area to make it much more appealing and personal to buyers, which they will advertise and source as well as keep you constantly updated on offers that come through. Added to this they are able to give you a valuation and find the maximum best offer available to you.

Stay On Top

No doubt your solicitor or conveyancer will send a lot of information to you initially and it is important to review them, fill out any forms, sign and return everything in a prompt fashion to avoid unnecessary hold-up.

If you are unsure of the answers you need to supply, speaking with your agent will prevent you from supplying any wrong answers that will be flagged up later and hold up proceedings. With this in mind, you will also need to make yourself accessible for calls and contact if required, even if you are on a week getaway with the family.

Stay in regular contact with your estate agent so that the process is exactly where it should be at all times and no momentum is lost.

Setting a deadline is fine, but you will need to be flexible due to whatever unseen circumstances can occur, such as the case with the pandemic of 2020. Allow for extra time to be built in so that everyone involved still works towards the same goal set with a little understanding that things can run over and is acceptable.

The goal for everyone is to sell your home successfully for the right price in the right time frame, so being ahead and aiding the process by being prepared and prompt only benefits the successful plan of how to sell a house.

Talk with the team at Joules today to help you get on the right track for a successful sale of your home and how to sell a house quickly in the UK.