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The Pandemic Changes Location Desires

As we look back at the anniversary of the UK’s implementation of the first stay-at-home order, as well as the increased desires of people to upscale or move out of certain areas due to the lockdowns over 2020, a striking pattern emerges that there is a growth in people wanting to escape from usually sought after areas for the property. You may have even overlooked some of the best areas to live near Manchester whilst searching for your forever home.

The Escape Effect

No doubt staying at home in the same areas for such a long period had played a major factor in people’s desire to move to friendlier and spacious areas, with London being an area that has suffered being knocked from its pedestal as the most sought after property searches.

The lure of more countryside or small-town areas has seen an increase leading to six of the top ten places of interest shying away from inner-city housing or apartments. As the second half of 2020 took effect, annual sales and enquiries grew by 69% for rural areas in comparison to 49% in urban areas. The implementation of the stamp duty holiday also has played a factor into the figure also.

Shift from Concrete to Green

This had led to a surge in interest from city dwellers in Manchester looking to buy property in Stockport and surrounding rural areas. This could be attributed also to people finding more comfortable working from home than ever before then seeking new environments in order to provide comfort for it.

The interest in upgrading from two-bedroom properties to four or five-bedroom properties has seen the biggest surge in sales being agreed.

Estate Agent Overdrive

With estate agents in Stockport taking on record enquiries for properties away from the busy and congested Manchester city-centre living, the increase in demand for comfort and space has no signs of petering out in the short term.

With an added increase in first-time buyers seeing their desire to own their first home and those looking to realise their dream of owning their own detached home, the housing demand for greener pastures is fast becoming a race no one wants to come in last for.

More space in the home is always the driving force for people seeking new property, with the advent of required home office space being the added driving factor in seeking the move now more than ever.

This has added extra interest in working with independent estate agents Stockport in not just finding the right property, but also for those going about how to sell a house in this opportune moment in time.

For finding the ideal solution to your housing needs, talk with the team at Joules Estate Agents today and discover the best areas to live near Manchester.