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The Security of Using a Local Independent Estate Agency

When browsing your options when you look at how to sell a house you will notice that there is no shortage of high street estate agents popping their heads up with interest, but why might you choose a independent estate agents in Stockport over these options.

Also on top of them, you have one or two independent estate agents in Stockport around the area who offer similar if not the same service. Now some people will think safety and security over a corporate estate agent providing the overall service, but independent estate agents in Stockport also offer a lot of positives.

The Independent Aim

Corporate estate agents can sometimes have the same corporation trading under different names and offices, which could present differing valuations working together to either create a longer contract or more money in order to sell your property.

A local independent estate agency has one goal in mind and that is to sell your home. Unlike the corporate model that has an office in every town, a local agent has more ties to the area and motivation and proactive approach in selling the property.

Thanks to their local reputation and respect with town authorities and local businesses they tend to provide a lot more care and consideration for the area, as well as steering clear of any underhanded dealings or short cuts that affect their standing.

More Time and Focus

Working with an independent agency means that you won’t be rushed into a decision in order for someone to get a number on a wall.

What also is offered is a lot more focus on the right sale of your property, allowing for more detailed feedback from sale viewings and regular updates on what offers and negotiations are presented. Your home and your relationship with the estate agency becomes more personal so communication does not have to run through various figures to get information back, which also means that you won’t be receiving automated email responses whenever you want to talk over where you stand.

Among the chief benefits that an independent provides is the built relationships with trusted buyers and the ability that the relationship has in getting them excited about your property before it even reaches online.

Local Standing

When considering a local independent estate agent, you should always look at their standing in the area and how long they have been in operation.

Obviously the longer the better as they no doubt have a serious track record of satisfaction and a fine standing in the community. Longevity spells honesty and knowledge in order to sell property from viewings and enquiries.

When it comes to selling your home, local reputation and integrity go a long way over corporate branding with a clear understanding that you are getting a personalised service not tied to any particular set of principles and able to go further to provide satisfaction in the sale of your home.

If you want advice on how to sell a house with an independent estate agents Stockport, contact the team at Joules, your fourth generation family estate agents.