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Stockport is the Thriving Hotspot for Property

Stockport has long been considered a highly sought-after area on people’s property hunts, however, the past year has seen a sizable shift in interest towards the location to make it a hotspot for housing. There are now plenty of new build properties for sale in Stockport, as well as remarketed properties.

Those who previously lived in the Manchester City area have shifted attention to escaping city life whilst having an ease of access to the city for work and leisure, whilst those in the opposite direction of Cheshire are feeling a closer affiliation to the city of Manchester is highly beneficial during this point in time due to the stamp duty tax holiday making the move more financially viable.

This provides a great deal of scope for Stockport in terms of property sales and growth.

Recent Changes

Stockport has always acted on plans for potential growth and efficiency in living for the area, undertaking many projects to make the borough among the most appealing to neighbouring areas.

A large investment in the town centre in 2017 and strengthening of public transport links were viewed as encouraging steps in transporting the area into a draw for affordable housing. Prior to the lockdown, the borough was becoming home to more upmarket bars and restaurants to go with its already established high rated schools around the area. This has made it a perfect arena for families looking for long term settlement.

Popular Regions

Stockport encompasses many different areas for living and accommodates different budgets for affordable living.

Whilst interest remains highest for areas such as the Heatons, Cheadle and Bramhall due to the most popular schools occupying the area, there is great interest in Davenport due to its closer proximity to the town and its affordable living structure. Heaton Chapel also remains high of interest due to the palatial and expensive housing developments in the area, making it a high bidding area for living.

Edgeley is another area being sought due to its ease in affordable housing and connection to Stockport Railway Station.

Selling Your Stockport Home

Those looking to sell their home in Stockport have never seen a better time to sell up, as interest is higher than in years previous.

Those looking to gain guidance on how to sell a house should look into local independent estate agents Stockport with a good grasp of the area over a national seller. It is recognised that agents with more local knowledge are able to identify key selling points and positives that can push interest to a sale from interested buyers.

When it comes to Stockport living and finding the right home to buy or sell, talk with the team at Joules Estate Agents in Stockport to beat the crowd, avoid disappointment and secure your future home with new build properties for sale in Stockport.