Moving Into the New Year

Everyone here at Joules Estate Agents wishes you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2021.

As you enjoy your festive celebrations in a new home or even celebrate your last in your current, the coming year will hopefully bring about peace and happiness for you and your families.

As for those looking to buy property in Stockport or are currently looking into how to sell a house, we want you to know that Joules estate agents Stockport is the one family-run business that will help you with your new year housing goals.

It takes a family to house a family.

Choose an Independent

When asking the question of why you would choose an independent over a more nationwide service, the answer is commonly down to trust.

There are many advantages to choosing independent estate agents in Stockport when buying and selling properties. Chief among them is the local knowledge of the market and who would be looking to buy and where. By providing a more tailored service suited to those individuals who want to know more than just where to catch the nearest tram, an independent estate agent has relationships with the community and a knowledge of everything in the area, meaning they know how to answer the difficult questions a buyer would have and not have to resort to “finding out for you.”

Building Relationships

A local estate agent is all about building that relationship and keeping their reputation with the businesses and people in the area, many of whom have no doubt utilised their services over time.

This means that trust and confidence is built in order to continue the business, which means that the property that you are selling will be seen in a much more demanded state due to their rate of working. Within this, you will receive more attention and care with an independent, who will not be linking you to a monthly target figure to hit like a more commercial estate agency. An independent brings a more comforting and timely response to the working relationship as ensuring you are happy is paramount to their way of working.

So as Christmas time provides some joy as well as thoughts of how you want your next Christmas to be, contact the team at Joules estate agents, the multi-generational family operated independent estate agent looking to provide every level of help on buying a property advice.