Moving Into the New Year

Everyone here at Joules Estate Agents wishes you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2021.

As you enjoy your festive celebrations in a new home or even celebrate your last in your current, the coming year will hopefully bring about peace and happiness for you and your families.

As for those looking to buy property in Stockport or are currently looking into how to sell a house, we want you to know that Joules estate agents Stockport is the one family-run business that will help you with your new year housing goals.

It takes a family to house a family.

Choose an Independent

When asking the question of why you would choose an independent over a more nationwide service, the answer is commonly down to trust.

There are many advantages to choosing independent estate agents in Stockport when buying and selling properties. Chief among them is the local knowledge of the market and who would be looking to buy and where. By providing a more tailored service suited to those individuals who want to know more than just where to catch the nearest tram, an independent estate agent has relationships with the community and a knowledge of everything in the area, meaning they know how to answer the difficult questions a buyer would have and not have to resort to “finding out for you.”

Building Relationships

A local estate agent is all about building that relationship and keeping their reputation with the businesses and people in the area, many of whom have no doubt utilised their services over time.

This means that trust and confidence is built in order to continue the business, which means that the property that you are selling will be seen in a much more demanded state due to their rate of working. Within this, you will receive more attention and care with an independent, who will not be linking you to a monthly target figure to hit like a more commercial estate agency. An independent brings a more comforting and timely response to the working relationship as ensuring you are happy is paramount to their way of working.

So as Christmas time provides some joy as well as thoughts of how you want your next Christmas to be, contact the team at Joules estate agents, the multi-generational family operated independent estate agent looking to provide every level of help on buying a property advice.

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uk property market

Resilience in Sales Through to Spring 2021

Whilst the underlying feeling of a slow in the UK property market will occur towards the new year, indications are actually pointing to several months following to receive many transactions being carried out at a hectic pace from those wanting to buy property in Stockport.

The Fuel for the Flames

Statistics have forecast a four per cent average house price growth in 2021 nationwide after a 6.6 per cent higher at the end of 2020.

No doubt the current stamp duty holiday has fueled the current trend in growth, but it’s also worth noting that buyer demand was stationed at a very high level prior to the announcement in the summer. Sales are currently resilient at 53% higher than the figures from this point in 2019, even in the face of dwindling potential completion by March 31st.

Potential Lull

Whilst a continuing transaction trend is a positive outlook heading into Spring, a lull is likely looming in the second quarter without a stamp duty extension.

This does not mean that a large portion of buyers will view its removal as a make or break scenario but it could lead to a reduction in offers in an effort to compensate for the higher tax, or sellers preparing to help mitigate financial losses of the buyers. Those first-time buyers are set to remain largely exempt and no worse off.

With 130,000 sales agreed over the last month it is reported that the market is no less than 44 per cent up from 2019.

Overall Outlook

Back in November it was reported that 650,000 sales agreed were currently in the pipeline which was driving for completion by the stamp duty holiday deadline of March 31st in order to qualify.

As we are now a month later in December and inching ever so close to that looming deadline, that figure still stands at 650,000. This is down to 130,000 additional sales have joined the process replacing the 130,000 completions and fall throughs that have been undertaken over the duration of the last month.

With the stamp duty holiday coming to an end, the anticipation of a slower second quarter accompanies it. The solace is that cheap mortgage rates provide scope for modest price growth without the loss of the tax saving.

For professional buying a property advice and the best guidance on how to sell a house, contact the team at Joules Estate Agents Stockport for the latest UK property market updates.

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stamp duty holiday extension

Stamp Duty Extension!

Concerns over the stamp duty holiday ending have been in abundance over the course of the last few months, so it comes as some small relief to know that an online petition was launched demanding a much-needed stamp duty holiday extension for those looking to buy property in Stockport.

Jonathan Steel, a layperson who started the online petition, expressed fears of not achieving the purchase of his dream home if required to pay the stamp duty after March 31st.

Extension Request

With reasonable request, the petition asks for an extension of an additional six months in order to assist the many numbers of buyers seeking to move to a property that they would struggle to afford in other circumstances.

By enabling an extension this will help those currently fretting over the impending holiday end in March as well as help to stabilize the housing market. With many people waiting to move into new build properties that may not see completion until after the set stamp duty holiday end date, it leaves them in a situation where they cannot afford the house as a result.

Early Petition Success

So far the petition has attracted a large number of signatures with over 13 thousand individual property buyers.

The industry itself has seen a continuous surge in support for an extension over a longer period or tapering of the holiday to phase it out over time. Whilst the stamp duty holiday has provided a sense of greater urgency in the market this year since its implementation, 59% of respondents have greater concerns over the possibility of not being able to purchase before the set deadline.

Industry bodies have pressed the government for an extension highlighting the risk of failure of incomplete transactions due to consumers being financially disadvantaged to pursue the purchase, requiring excess funds to pay the duty.

It is potentially viable for thousands of sales to stumble at the final step which will have a ripple effect on the current housing market which has made great strides since the Covid slump.


The petition is in place to have the government rethink their current stance on the deadline.

With the housing industry pulling together to persuade the powers that be to hold off on the deadline with a view to aid transactions already in the sales pipeline. Consumers should not be held financially accountable for delays in buying property that they are not in control of.

To join the petition you can sign it here

For more buying a property advice and up to the minute news on developments, talk to the team at Joules Estate Agents, the number one independent estate agents Stockport, for extra information on stamp duty holiday extension.

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independent estate agents

Why Your Business Thrives From a Stockport Move, Even When Working From Home

With many people seeking either a downgrade from office working environments during 2020 and seeking a new life from home-based working, the advent of people also seeking new housing opportunities due to lifestyle requirements are on the rise also. With the help of independent estate agents, you could be in your new property before the end of 2020.

So when it comes to trying to provide a suitable work and home life atmosphere within the same boundaries, it can be challenging. Especially if living in a more remote setting where businesses do not operate.

During this time, the area of Stockport has seen a large increase in being able to support both in terms of space for living and businesses to work with. When it comes to Stockport, business is good and housing sales are even better. For those looking for the perfect balance, Stockport provides the perfect shift in achieving both.

Location is Everything

Business development is the prime source of interest in Stockport due to its perfectly situated setting between Manchester, London and Liverpool and providing clear straight links to each.

Where these areas are typically high rates of living expenses, Stockport is relatively cheaper on rents and housing which makes it extremely appealing for business start-ups to kick off and established businesses to find new ground. This provides business owners to be able to effectively target customers who would usually travel to big city areas in order to attain services, to which they would rather stay with a local business to cut down on their own expenses.

Building Ahead

Stockport is a city that is growing, with businesses starting to establish themselves at a much quicker rate.

If you deal with businesses with your work then you have many avenues with the developing office, retail units, restaurants and other developing areas being generated. Plus, with many other business owners starting to operate from home you can find many clients looking for more local help and wanting to keep costs down.

Independent Estate Agents

Stockport is more driven for success on the housing market with no shortage of rental and buy properties available through more reputable independent estate agents Stockport.

By working with smaller established local firms providing buying a property advice, you get a better service more suited to that area and more support in attaining a house or apartment that suits your needs. By having certain factors taken care of such as access to schools and shops and transport links if required, you can be more assured that a personal independent firm will be sure to provide a number of properties in key areas that you are happy with and won’t be quick to move out of again because it was a misleading sale.

So whilst you are looking to downsize your office and increase your home size to suit the need for work and family, Stockport is a town that can serve both for less. For more information on a wise move, contact the team at Joules, the independent estate agents, for the proper way to buy property in Stockport.

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