sales agreed

Here Comes the Boom

2020 still has challenges ahead, but that doesn’t mean that business is down.

In fact, the total of Sales Agreed this year alone has surpassed those of 2019 in the same period despite being in the face of such a global pandemic and lockdown, with new instructions at 92% of those in 2019.

Preparations are being made in the market for an expected surge in exchanges even though they are running 25% behind the previous year’s rates. This growth in Sales Agreed figures began generating with the advent of the English marketplace reopening up.

North Takes Pole Position

A dramatic surge has seen the North become the housing powerhouse of the post-Covid property boom, with Manchester following behind Nottingham as having a price increase of upto 4.2 percent.

This has been welcome news for the property market and estate agents Stockport have seen an imbalance in the North West for quite some time. These increases showcase a very high demand for local people wanting to stay now that their commuting to workplaces in other regions is no longer a necessity as well as a stray on the much-expected exodus from city life.

With the economy and job markets developing in the North West, more and more people are beginning to buy property in Stockport which has supported the increase in growth and investment for the property sector.

Staying Ahead

With the current thirst for home movers and buyers looking to remain steady on the property racetrack for the North West for the next few months, the stamp duty holiday is providing the major incentive for those who have held back to finally take action and pull the lever.

Home movers will undoubtedly remain extremely high in the demand stakes, which will support the market going forward as well as the unseasonably strong conditions.

North West Relocation

With more and more people looking to escape London and transfer their opportunities to a positive growing environment, Manchester and Stockport regions are becoming the focal point for people looking to find apartments and housing that are selling fast.

As the post-Covid and Lockdown regulations and laws come into effect, people find that the North West sector has a positive outlook and an ability to adapt easier than other areas. With businesses and industry sectors quick to embrace new safety procedures in order to get back to work, many have found thriving success not just in the property and mortgage sector.

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