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Your Garden Helps to Sell Your Home

Setting the right impression is paramount in how to sell a house and in the current climate the most important aspect of your home may surprise you; it’s your garden.

Indeed, your garden space is of more appeal when selling your home today, than it has ever been with more people looking at the potential of further lockdowns and time spent at home. Having a luxurious garden space extended from the home where fresh air and activities can take place is among the chief requirements of today’s home hunters.

Staging your garden area is now among the primary factors in giving a great impression to those looking to buy. The nicer it looks, the nicer the appeal to those seeking a sanctuary should the world experience further problems.

Re-evaluation of space and open areas to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air has resulted in sales of homes with tidy, spacious and appealing gardens to be in higher demand than flats or apartments where there are none.

In order to attract the maximum of suitable buyers for your property when selling your home, below is a brief guide to give your garden the right impression and a must-have quality.

Without doubt, regular mowing of your lawn space is high on the agenda. Even if you have artificial turf it is recommended that you maintain no grass or weeds growing through to give the impression that the garden is just too much to care for. Borders should be neatly tendered to give a consistent look and feel.

If your garden has space for people to gather then put in some features like a patio set or other garden furniture to give a sense of enjoyment with the area. People buying will want to know a garden is a place that has provided many days and evenings of enjoyment.

Fences and gated areas should be kept up to a clean standard and add a touch a paint where needed to give vibrancy and consistency. If any panels appear to be rotting away or show signs of chippings or broken sections it will not leave a promising impression of the area or elements during the year.

If you have garden plants and flowers, highlight them with borders and show what a beautiful location your garden is and can remain as. Even though you will no doubt take certain things from the garden when you leave, you will fuel them with ideas on what they can achieve in the spaces themselves which helps to add weight to their purchase.

Outside lighting can also highlight the beauty of the garden during the night and show the prospective buyers that the home is in a secure area. It will also highlight how accommodating your neighbours are to allow such items in the area.

Give care to pathways and walls as well as doors and windows. Remove any moss from between areas and look at bleaching the pavement and pathways and giving it a thorough washdown, leaving a glowing impression which they will feel compelled to continue.

Before any buyers come to visit, get rid of any leftover garden waste, sand or brick that sits in corners of the garden. These usually mean work has yet to be finished or clutters up the beautiful garden spaces and leave an impression that it’s something the buyers would be left to sort out upon moving in.

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