the Best Estate Agents

Identifying the Best Estate Agents for You

Buying, selling or renting a property in today’s climate involves a lot of sifting through the good and not so good elements to find the right feel. You will have a lot of questions that require answering in order to discover if your life is going to be made easier and most importantly, are you getting the value for your money?

Choosing the right estate agents in Stockport is no different, with so many different agents offering similar services at varying rates. However, choosing the cheap and cheerful option is not always the most cost-effective in the long run. You need to ask the right questions and take into consideration if they are the best estate agents to entrust this important life stage to.

High Levels of Marketing Doesn’t Mean High Success All the Time

You may judge a company by how many ‘For Sale’ boards you see around your town, for they must be selling homes like hotcakes to be so popular. That may be true but the same can be said of those who rely on other avenues to sell homes.

There are plenty of vendors who achieve similar levels of success without the use of the sale boards. In fact, they tend to be more resourceful with their website and the success of the marketing they offer to best promote your home locally and to a much further extent. For Sale signs do great to show to passers-by that a house is available, but the people who see them mainly are local anyway, so look out for the ones who have extra avenues of promoting regionally to nationwide.

Fee Fi Fo Fumble

If an agent is offering a service below the average then you are going to suffer financially on top of emotionally with your home. Given, most estate agents offer similar fees for selling your property and some may even wrap it around an enticing offer, however those that offer a low fee to get that most wanted sale will no doubt in turn offer a lower service and that dreaded slow, complicated and painful situation where the house will not sell for what you feel it’s worth, or even what it is worth.

What you need to know before anything else is that the agent is properly promoting your property and finding reliable parties interested in purchasing. From there they need to be professionally negotiating the price and making the sales process a fluid and painless exercise. Yes you may need to pay a bit more but it sure beats losing a lot more.

Avoid Paying Up Front

Everybody knows that when you pay upfront, the incentive to work hard is drastically reduced. If they have your money, they feel they have achieved before doing anything. Would you let someone move into your house before buying it?

What if there are more complicated areas involved with the sale at a later point? What if their marketing is not reaching the levels it should? There are many avenues that could crop up that can result in help being required from solicitors or surveyors. If you pay up front then you run the risk of the agent responding that the help required facing problems you currently face are not covered in the initial pay. It’s an unfortunate place where a lot who pay up front find themselves.

Overall you need a trusted agent to sell your home at a reasonable cost at the best price and supporting you with help through the process which means finding the best estate agents for the job. Contact Joules Estate Agents for the best advice on how to sell a house safely and stress free.