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Tenant Demands Post-Pandemic

Since the advent of Coronavirus, more and more tenants are pulling a focus on areas of demand from their property features. This process is ongoing but shows a growing increase in some features to be of more importance than years previous.

With many family members, business owners and individuals confined to home whether, by health concerns or work relation, faster broadband is now a top requirement on demands due to the increased need to work from home by either necessity or convenience. Previously, this was within the top 5 demanded items when taking advice on renting a house.

Priority areas that have also seen an increase in stature have been outside space which can be used for breaks from the house as well as extended working areas. Also, close proximity to green areas such as garden parks and nature walks is a most desired demand in the top 5 whereas previously they were closer to the 10th.

Certain features have seen a decrease in importance such as access to public transport links within walking distance with fewer people interested in easy access to cities since lockdown, as well as declining interest in features such as cinema rooms or gyms which previously ranked higher on importance.

The threat of a second wave pandemic has definitely played a part in tenants thinking seeking buying a property advice, with thoughts of the potential second lockdown shifting focus to more comforting and accessible features. Whilst some tenants will still desire the more sociable facilities such as the gym or social areas, the future forecast seems to determine more home-work seclusion whilst having time to relax in the fresh air.

With the future uncertain for getting back to a state of normality, tenants are adapting to the current needs during the outbreak to have everything required within the confines of home without the need to venture outside too often. This has become a new normal.

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