current property market

Expectations from the Current Property Market

With the market for buying property in Stockport steadily getting back into the swing of things people have pondered on what the possible future holds for the Stockport buying and renting scene.

As the House Price index uncovered, Stockport held among the best year-on-year house price increases at 3.9pc. So why is this area on the increase during this time?

Lockdown Blues

Whilst it is plausible that browsing while in lockdown was a factor, the large percentage of increase in these early stages could be attributed to more research into properties before viewing them which in turn leads to people ready to buy upon viewing that the property is satisfactory in person.

Whilst this is making selling and renting of properties a quicker and more satisfactory drive to sign off on a property, physical house viewings have been on the increase with the number of sales on the ascension due to these new procedures to aid in procuring interest and acquisition.

Estate Agent Aid

Estate agents have found new avenues to be mutually beneficial in communicating with prospective clients via these options, as many in lockdown have grown tired of their surroundings and opt for something new.

With the housing market facing the biggest challenge over the last five months due to the devastating effects of covid-19, forward-thinking estate agents have taken onboard these ‘new normal’ implementations to better service the industry and those affected by their housing needs during this time.

As Stockport is a progressive entity in many aspects, the adaptation to the needs of the housing industry is at the forefront of practice throughout it’s buying and renting scene. For those looking to sell their homes and buy new, Joules is the trusted independent estate agents giving the best advice on how to sell a house as well as buying property in Stockport.

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