What do you have to declare when selling a house?

What do you have to declare when selling a house?

When selling your property, it would be easy to assume that the buyers are solely responsible for checking out the quality and suitability of the property before going ahead with the purchase. However, it is the responsibility of the seller to disclose certain information to potential buyers before you go ahead with exchanging contracts.

As part of the standard conveyancing process, the seller must fill in a “Property Information Form”, also known as a TA6. This document is there to inform buyers of any information about your property that they would be unable to learn elsewhere. In other words, any hidden issues must be disclosed before the buyer makes their purchase.

This document is a crucial part of the pre-contract documents, making it legally binding. The buyer has the right to sue you if you either lie about an issue or hide it altogether.

What must you declare when selling a property?

Here are the things you must declare when putting your property on the market:

●     Hidden problems such as asbestos

●     Noisy, disruptive or even dangerous neighbours

●     Applications for planning permissions, whether they’re pending, denied or approved

●     Any altercations on the property – certificates must be included

●     Building insurance details

●     Major problems found in previous surveys such as subsidence

●     Proposals for nearby development/construction

●     Local crime rate

●     Pests or problems such as Japanese knot weed

●     Location of the property to things such as motorways of airports

●     Outstanding debts associated with the property

It is important to note that what you have to declare is subject to change when selling your property. This is because the form will likely be updated and extended numerous times over the years. We recommend speaking with your solicitor when selling your property as they can advise with what you must declare at the time.

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