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How to find a tenant to prevent void periods

There is nothing a landlord despises more than an empty house. One of the biggest issues they face is the chance of months passing without any rental income, which is why it is important to act fast and get new residents as soon as possible. This week, we will be helping our beloved landlords keep the rental income flowing. Let us help you learn how to find a tenant to prevent void periods!

How to find a tenant to prevent void periods: advertise online

The most effective way to find a new tenant these days is to turn to the internet. In the modern world, people are looking online for available properties in their desired location using either their phone or computer. Let your local estate agent find the perfect platforms for advertising and watch the enquiries roll in!

Social media

Social media is an incredibly popular way to spread the word about available properties! From Facebook marketplace to local community groups, there are plenty of ways in which you can utilise social media to advertise your rental property.

Word of mouth

Believe it or not, word of mouth is not completely out of style. Talking to people who live in the area can help spread the word, reaching someone who could be in desperate need of a new roof over their heads. You never know which mutual friends are looking for a home!

Setting the right rent

It would be wise to research the rental market in your area to find determine a fair and competitive price for your property. Make sure the property is worth the price you intend on charging and keep all repairs up to date, as potential tenants will always do a thorough search before making a decision.

Finding the right tenants

We understand that finding a tenant can be a lengthy process, but it’s important to use that time to find someone suitable. Not only do you want someone who will be delighted to call your property their home, but they must be someone you will be happy to deal with too.

Make sure they meet your requirements, from their income and credit history to having good recommendations from previous landlords. Then you can move onto signing the contract if you think you are happy.

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