how to make your home eco friendly

How to effectively make your home eco-friendly

The environment is something that we are all becoming increasingly aware of. Our daily actions have an impact on the environment and the urge to live an eco-friendly life has become a popular choice for many. So, knowing how to make your home eco-friendly before selling would certainly be beneficial.

How to make your home eco-friendly

Here are some handy tips for creating an eco-friendly home before selling your property…

Staying warm

The first thing you can do to improve the energy efficiency of your home is to check the insulation of the rooms, walls and floors. With an insulated home, you will use less energy heating up each room with your fireplace and radiators.

Smart technology

If insulating isn’t enough, the ability to control your heating and energy usage throughout the day can be improved with smart technology. Even while you are out and about, you can set timers using your phone, ensuring nothing is in use when it isn’t necessary! This is guaranteed to knock the bills down.

Simple hacks

  • Instead of leaving your television on standby, be sure to switch it off at the wall to ensure no electricity is used whatsoever.
  • Use the microwave instead of the oven when possible
  • Stock up on blankets and jumpers in winter to reduce the need for heating
  • Turn down your heating by even 1 degree can reduce your energy bill, and you probably won’t even notice the difference!

Double or triple glazing

Going back to insulation, your windows must be capable of keeping the heat in. To do this, make sure they are at least double glazing. Triple can perform better, but this isn’t always necessary.

Natural light

If you wish to rely less on artificial lighting, it’s important that you find ways in which you can expand your current access to natural light. This includes things such as swapping to lighter curtains and adding large mirrors to bounce the light around.

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