Prepare your garden for property viewings with this handy guide!

When showing your property to prospective buyers, it is important that you make sure each area is presentable. This includes your garden, which can often take quite a hit when left unattended for long periods of time. With this in mind, here are ways in which you can prepare your garden for property viewings.

Prepare your garden for property viewings with fresh-cut grass

If you have a lawn, make sure you give the grass a fresh haircut before people arrive. It will also help to trim the hedges and neaten up bushes. If you have any plants that look like they’ve seen better days, now might be time to replace them with something more vibrant.

Garden toys

From your children’s outdoor play items to dog chew toys, it’s important for you to rid your garden of any smaller toys that may look like clutter. Larger items, such as Wendy houses, can stay outside, given that they are presentable. Consider giving these items a quick clean up if possible.


You may think that mirrors can only be made useful indoors, but they can also play a role in the garden. Place them on walls, next to shrubs or within a flower bed towards the end of your garden to amplify space.


To put it simply, these should not be on display.

Dress your garden furniture

If your garden furniture has been stored away, now is a good time to get them out, dress them up and put them on display so that viewers can imagine spending their time in the sun.

Neighbour’s garden

It is also worth checking if your neighbour’s gardens are tidy. Believe it or not, many sales have been foiled as a result of a poor view of the neighbour’s garden. It might be worth asking them if they could help you out by giving it spruce, or even offer to do it for them!

House numbers

Is your house number looking slightly dated? All it takes is a simple replacement from your local DIY store to resolve this issue! This will also help viewers find your property.

Jet-wash surfaces

Any mono blocking, paving or PVC facings might need a jet-wash. It’s a messy job, but once you see a difference between a slab that is clean and a slab that isn’t, you will want to complete the entire garden!

Ensure adjoining areas are tidy

If your property backs onto a rear service lane, it would be wise to keep this area tidy too. You don’t want to find yourself making excuses for someone else’s mess, as this could suggest a lack of interest or poor bin removal servicing.


After you have been out for the day, take a look at your garden with fresh eyes. It will help give you the perspective of buyers and help you notice things that may slip through the cracks!

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