Can a conservatory increase the value of your property?

Home improvement has become a huge industry over the years, with millions of homeowners choosing to either upgrade or extend their property . According to research by NAEA Propertymark, approximately £40billion has been spent on home improvements alone since 2013. Redecorating, new flooring and garden landscaping appear to be the most popular options for home improvements and how to increase property value.

However, it seems that only 11 per cent of homeowners have invested in a conservatory for their property. In fact, only an average of £4,300 has been spent in this particular area. However, this does not mean to say that this residential addon is no longer in fashion. Since Victorian times, the conservatory has been considered a desirable feature that is loved to this very day. The only thing that’s changed is the style.

How can your property benefit from a conservatory?

One reason why you may want to consider adding a conservatory to your property is the fact that they are an easy way to increase light. This is due to the walls and roof being completely transparent. For the same reason, it is also a wonderful way to connect the indoors and outdoors on sunny days.

Another reason is that not only do they add value to a property, but they also increase the chances of a sale. Exactly how much value can be added will depend on two things; the quality of the conservatory and the type of location of the property.

According to a 2017 study by Towergate Insurance, a conservatory could add 5 per cent to the value of a property. So, if you would like to increase the value of your property and boost your chances of making a sale, we highly suggest considering adding a conservatory.

Quick tips before you add a conservatory

  • Check whether you need planning permission

Consult your local estate agent to discover how much value you can expect to add

  • Get quotes from more than one company specialising in conservatories
  • Don’t skimp on the costs
  • Make sure your conservatory blends with the rest of the property
  • Be wary of installing a conservatory if you only have a small garden
  • Pay particular attention to the aspect of your conservatory
  • If you have a big budget and a big property, consider an orangery
  • Treat the plants you grow in the conservatory as integral to the whole project
  • Give careful thought to heat retention

Final thoughts

It is important to remember that conservatories are not intended to be primarily functional. They are a space to unwind in and to simply be enjoyed! But when it comes to increasing property value, you can count on a conservatory to do the job.

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