guide to buying a new home

Add value to your property with these quick tips!

Sometimes, it may feel like getting the sale you desire just isn’t going to happen. However, we believe that there are many things you can do to boost the chance of a sale and even add value to your property! The best thing is that you may not have to spend a fortune to do so and knowing what adds value to property can help .

Add light

Light is an essential ingredient for creating a space that feels bigger. A dark property will usually offer less value than one that is well lit, even if it is slightly smaller. Here are a few things you can do to welcome more light:

  • Clean your windows to welcome more natural light
  • Add mirrors to help the light bounce around each room
  • Install energy-efficient lights as these can particularly help make a sale during winter months
  • Add lamps to darker corners of each room

Utilise the garden

During winter, the garden loses its appeal and becomes quite an overlooked area od the home. However, you should not overlook it if you are selling a property. It is important to give your garden the same treatment as you would any room in the home. Make sure there is no clutter and that all plants are kept in good shape. Finally, if you have any paving in your garden, keep them looking new with a simple jet wash.

Carpets and flooring

If the carpets in your home appear to be quite outdated, you have two choices. The first would be to clean them using a home cleaning kit. For the best results, we highly recommend renting a professional carpet cleaner. The second option, if cleaning won’t do a good enough job, would be to replace them. It may cost more, but it can make a difference in your property’s value.

If you have wooden floors in your home, simply freshen them up by sanding them down and adding a varnish finish. If this isn’t necessary, a quick mop before viewings are always recommended.

Extra sockets

Some buyers may be put off if your home does not offer enough electrical outlets. These days, we rely on numerous electrical appliances that require plugs to function. Therefore, you may benefit from installing a couple of extra sockets in convenient locations. It may not add thousands to the value, but it could help seal the deal!

Spruce up your home’s exterior

First impressions can say a lot, so if your home’s exterior is looking less than welcoming, it’s certainly time to make some changes. Add a fresh coat of paint where necessary, clear your front garden and add spruce up any areas that look unkept.

Loft insulation

Finally, ensuring the home is warm during winter will be a huge selling point, particularly here in the UK. Adding loft insulation will ensure the property will hold more heat while staying energy efficient, which will certainly grab a buyer’s interest.

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