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Selling a property in a flood-risk area

If you live in Manchester, you should be aware that there numerous flood risk areas in Manchester. But should selling a property in a flood-risk area be difficult?

We like to think not. However, it is essential that you know what you should be doing to ensure you can still make a successful sale on your property. Though many homes are risk of flooding are yet to experience it, making buyers aware will be good to ensure they take out insurance against flood risk areas in Manchester.

Selling a property in a flood-risk area

The good news is that properties built on floodplains are actually quite easy to sell. Living near water is desirable for many people and often outweigh the negatives of flooding risks. And when flooding does occur, it is rarely enough to cause serious damage to the property. However, a contingency plan, including a minimum of comprehensive insurance, should always be recommended in the event of any further damage.

How buyers should know if a property is on a floodplain

It is up to the buyer to find out if a property lies on a floodplain as this is something the risks may not appear in a survey. If the property sits near water, the risk of flooding should always be considered.

As a seller, it is only fair to inform buyers if the property has recently flooded. This will help them prepare with the necessary precautions. It helps to provide a flood risk map, so they know the likelihood of the property flooding.


Insuring a property in a flood-risk area is essential. It may help the buyer if you can offer recommendations for insurers, perhaps who you are currently with. If they can get a quote early on while considering buying, they can relax knowing there will be no surprises later on.

Making it easy for buyers to get insurance while selling will boost your chances of making a sale. Therefore, implementing things such as flood defences, flood-proof windows and frequency of flooring should help reduce insurance costs.

Flood Re

Floor Re is a government-backed, not-for-profit scheme that aims to make it easier for people at risk of flooding to receive affordable cover. This is great if the buyer may find themselves struggling to find affordable insurance due to recent floods.

However, there is a criteria to meet in order to be accepted for Flood Re:

  • Your property was built before 1st January 2009
  • It’s in council tax bands A-H
  • The insurance holder lives in the property

If the property is a business, buy-to-let or is a leasehold flat with more than 4 properties, it will not be eligible for Floor Re.

Shopping around for the best prices is also recommended to buyers.

Sell your flood-risk home with Joules Estate Agents

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